September 17, 2006

G149: Red Sox 6, Yankees 3

There will be no Yankee division-winning celebration in this series.

Kevin Youkilis's three-run double in the sixth was the big blow. ... David Ortiz hit #49. ... David Murphy led off the game with his first major league home run.


Kyle Snyder (6.54) / Jaret Wright (4.60), 1 PM


Sean O said...

David Murphy? Guh?

Who knew our former #1 may end up being something after all this time?

L-girl said...

Allah be praised.

Woti-woti said...

Good discussion of fielding stats. in other thread. Which prompts a question about game broadcast research. With 2 weeks remaining and all sorts of data in, will any of the remaining telecasts qualify the obligatory reference to the Sox league-leading defense with a remark like--yeah, but various defensive measures show that their outfield D is among the league's worst? In the interests of truth in broadcasting, of course.

On a brighter note, Sox AA team in Portland, the tasty SeaDogs, won the Eastern League championship this aft. Better days ahead.

L-girl said...

No game post for tonight's game?

I got home from work, put the game on, and went to my computer. I can hear the TV but can't see it from my desk.

No one is calling the game. Morgan & Miller are talking about MVP voting (a very intelligent conversation, as you can imagine, NOT) and there is no play by play at all. Inning after inning.

I had to get up and look to see if they were playing - I thought it might be a rain delay.

I know it's not radio, but come on, somebody should at least mention the game now and again.

Woti-woti said...

I've found that I don't need to mute the TV anymore when Morgan/Miller are on. My ears and brain are in perfect synch., automatically ingnoring the drone. Not so, McCarver. The part of my brain that thrives on absurd humour just won't shut down when he's on the air.

L-girl said...

I can tolerate M&M way better than McCarver. I find Jon Miller harmless enough.

Woti-woti said...

I should have said 'unintentional' absurd humour. I can't watch the game and post at the same time.