September 20, 2006

G152: Twins 8, Red Sox 2

David Ortiz's 50th home run -- tying the Red Sox single season record -- gave Boston a 2-1 lead in the sixth inning. After seven innings, they needed only six outs to grab a win.

After only recording four of those six outs, Minnesota led 8-2. Craig Hansen started the eighth and surrendered: double, wild pitch, walk, three-run HR (by Torii Hunter over the Volvo sign), double. Bryan Corey got out of that inning but allowed three more runs in the ninth -- to 5 batters on only 6 pitches.


Manny Ramirez had an MRI on his ailing knee this afternoon. Kevin Youkilis is on the bench with a strained neck.


Boof Bonser (4.52) / Curt Schilling (4.13), 7 PM


Woti-woti said...

Papi bashes Boof. #50.

Devine said...

Yankees clinch.

L-girl said...

Papi!!!!! Love that man. I hope he hits at least a couple more before the season ends.

Jeff said...

WELL? How about an update on the winning contest entries? Sox are 81-71 on a great pace to finish 88-74 as I predicted.

Jack Marshall said...

Jeff: I bet you predicted 9-11*, Hurricane Katrina, and the Indonesian sunami too.
But if you really think these counterfeit Sox are going to go 7-3 the rest of the way, your powers are fading.
* Acknowledging that the official position of this website is that if you worked for the Bush administration you knew about 9-11 in advance....

redsock said...

Jeff: I think you are the only guy with a chance. (I see you also had the Blue Jays at 96-66. Oops.)

Jack: You know I don't believe that, and I specifically went out of my way in my post to comment on that naive outlook. Your comment is CHBish in its feeble attempt at accuracy.

Peter N said...

I laughed. And I Girl, Papi is good for a couple more. The last 5 games are at Fenway. What a treat.

L-girl said...

Hurricane Katrina

And everyone predicted this except the Bush Administration!

DanM said...

JoS reprots it like it sees it! 88 or 98 or 108 - what does it matter if we don't win! Papi breaks the Foxx record and Schill heightens his records - too bad that his shot at twenty died with the last out of the All-Star game.

As one that visited the gulf three days after Katrina - no one predicted 90,000 square miles of devastation! Some predicted that NoLa would go away - the Saints played (and WON, see, there are miracles) in the Superdome the other day. Finally, if you are a fan of Emiril, he kept all his employees on the payroll and his restaurants are now open - if you might, repay the folks that look out for others!

I wonder if there are any good pitchers available??