September 22, 2006

G154: Red Sox 7, Blue Jays 1

Are you sitting down?

Julian Tavarez pitched a complete game (9-7-1-1-1, 99). His pitch count by innings:
6-21-11 12-8-13 11-8-9 = 99
It was his second career CG; he threw his first for the Rockies, on September 5, 2000.

Sexy Lips recorded 19 outs on ground balls. He was in a bit of trouble in the second inning. Three singles and a walk had loaded the bases with one run in. Reed Johnson drilled a line drive right at Mike Lowell, who got an easy unassisted double play to end the threat.

After that, Toronto managed only three base runners: Lyle Overbay's 2-out double in the 3rd (which fell between Wily Mo Pena and Gabe Kapler and should have been caught), Alex Rios's leadoff single in the 4th, and Vernon Wells's infield hit in the 9th.

Lowell clubbed a two-run home run to get the Sox on the board in the second; Alex Gonzalez doubled twice and drove in three runs, Kapler and Mark Loretta each had two hits.

David Ortiz, who is one home run shy of tying Babe Ruth's record for road HRs in a season (32, 1927), was 0-for-3 with two walks.


Julian Tavarez (4.89) / Ted Lilly (4.44), 7 PM
Pedroia, 2B Johnson, LF
Loretta, 1B Catalonotto, DH
Ortiz, DH Wells, CF
Youkilis, LF Overbay, 1B
Lowell, 3B Glaus, 3B
WM Pena, RF, Rios, RF
Mirabelli, C Molina, C
Kapler, CF Hill, 2B
Gonzalez, SS Adams, SS


Woti-woti said...

Blue Jays having contest for parents to enter their kids in a 'Blue Jay look-alike' contest. Would be hilarious if Jays from 10-12 years ago were in the mix.

In other news, Tavarez looking like somebody else tonight.

L-girl said...

Let's hope none of those kids look like Julian Tavarez. What a tough life that would be.

Don't look now, but this man is our ace!

brian said...

Tavarez delivers again. That sentence is another example of how bizaare these last 6 weeks have been.

I would rather Tavarez start next year and Papelbon stay in the pen, but I realize that won't happen. Just my opinion.

redsock said...

Was it the Mariners that had Jay Buhner buzz cut night?

redsock said...


Yaz-Tex said...

"Let Manny be Manny somewhere else"

As Gordon Edes writes in his column in today's Globe, even the most ardent Ramirez apologist will have to confront a litany of sobering facts and truths in reading a column that, in my opinion, is long overdue. Here's a morsel:

"While the Red Sox crumbled when Ramírez went on hiatus -- last night was the 22d game out of 30 Ramírez has missed since taking himself out of the last game of the Yankee massacre Aug. 21, during which he has been paid $1.918 million (calculated on his base salary of $15 million this season) -- he had the audacity this week, through agent Greg Genske, to reiterate to the Red Sox his desire to be traded this winter..."

Desire to be traded? Fuck him and the agent he rode in on. As one reads the accounts of Tek, Youk, Lowell, Gonzo, and several other Sox bandaging themselves up and sucking it up to get back in the line-up, Manny's indifference to the cause is a throwback to another time - one where he would have fit right in as one of 25 guys riding in 25 cabs.

In a twist of journalistic irony, the article comes on a day when the team finds themselves in Toronto, the emotional and cultural epicenter of hockey in Canada. The credo of hockey, whose combatants are notoriously impervious to and often defiant of pain, is summarized in a simple question that teammates ask of each other: are you injured, or are you just hurt?

While Ramirez has refused to play hurt - the team's hands tied in trying to acertain the veracity and significance of said pain - his teammates have played with and through a variety of injuries in an effort to save what became a lost season.

Kudos to Edes for bringing this article forth, one that will no doubt inspire much debate in this space and many others.

redsock said...

even the most ardent Ramirez apologist

this one says: "whatever".

making the case that the sox crumbled when manny "went on hiatus" is totally bullshit.

hiatus? does edes honestly think he's not hurt? did saint varitek go on hiatus? how long was wakefield on hiatus? has nixon's grimy, gritty cap ever gone on hiatus?

such biased bullshit. emphasis on the biased ... and the bullshit.

during which he has been paid $1.918 million

anyone wanna bet the chb is salivating at the thought of writing an entire column based on this, 2004 be damned?

redsock said...

yaz, feel free to repost in the newer post.

L-girl said...

even the most ardent Ramirez apologist

How about just plain fan? The man is great, so we love him. Why the hell you and others don't is anybody's guess.

L-girl said...

I would rather Tavarez start next year and Papelbon stay in the pen, but I realize that won't happen. Just my opinion.

Mine too. Even though I also realize it won't happen.