September 26, 2006

G158: Red Sox 5, Devil Rays 1

Curt Schilling (7-5-1-4-9, 101) allowed a first-inning run, but David Ortiz tied the game with his 54th home run of the year in the third.

Then, with two outs and Jason Varitek at second in the fourth inning, Eric Hinske doubled to left-center (2-1), Alex Cora tripled into the triangle (3-1), Kevin Youkilis walked, Mark Loretta walked, and Ortiz singled to left-center (5-1).

Tizzle finished the night 3-for-4 with 3 RBI. Hinske was also 3-for-4.

The Tigers beat the Blue Jays 4-3, so we're back in second place.


Jason Hammel (7.01) / Curt Schilling (4.07), 7 PM

Carl Crawford is 14-for-43 (.326) vs Schilling with four doubles and a home run.

Scoreboard Watch: The second-place Blue Jays -- one-half game in front of Boston -- are in Detroit.


redsock said...

TIZ = 54!

L-girl said...

I hope you'll post about the Fox/Ruth tribute. I thought that was really nice.

L-girl said...

Oh by the way, Red Sox, would it kill you to win a game that we go to?? Maybe next year, eh?

Berserker said...

Manny being Manny

Woti-woti said...

Jeez, this winning thing is easy. Get 7 strong innings from your starter, the bullpen does its job, a couple of clutch hits, the defense catches the ball ... nothing to it.

In other news, while Foulke was pitching, a clip was aired of Tito talking about Keith being "the forgotten man" this season and how important he was "back when we were good." Terry, Terry, a little frustation showing?

Woti-woti said...

In other, other news, Curt on 'eei right now saying he didn't mean to say "If" in the post game interview. He'll be back next year. Back to your muffins, folks.

DanM said...

and so it goes - our season is reduced to rooting ro second place. Okay, okay - lets get 'er done.

But, WHO will stop the MFYs?????

I HATE the MFY. (yep, HATE 'em - no one else just the MFYs!)