September 29, 2006

G160: Red Sox 4, Orioles 3

No taters for the Big Man -- he took three walks, smacked a double and scored twice.


Erik Bedard (3.67) / Julian Tavarez (4.52), 7 PM


Woti-woti said...

Was it only 2 years ago that Nixon and Varitek coming up in the same inning was a good thing? Sure it wasn't 12? Good lord.

L-girl said...

I always wished I was an athlete. But as I get older, I'm glad I never was. I'd be completely irrelevant by now. They get old so fast.

Peter N said...

Irrelevant?...that would be hard to believe. And Tavarez' single handed pick-off try? Comic pleasure! Did you see it?

L-girl said...

Irrelevant?...that would be hard to believe.

I'm 45 years old. Unless I were super-human, I'd be over the hill in any sport.

Geopat said...

I went to the game -- 57th b'day present-- and I feel for that "older athlete" stuff--- up in sec 39, going down to the rest rooms top of the 7th, lost my footing on the lwer steps, smacked my head on the cement wall at the bottom, and ended up leaving Beth Isreal at 2 AM with 4 stitches-- "happy birthday!" from the medic in the first aid booth---- I think they shoud pad the stands for the older "athletes" and let the young guys fend for themselves around the Green Monster. Oh,and I'd like a buck for every, "Get hit by a ball?" and "how many cold ones didja have?" as I dripped my way through the hallowed catacombes.