September 30, 2006

G161: Orioles 5, Red Sox 4

Heckuva job, Mike.

Timlin comes in to save a 4-3 Red Sox lead -- and he allows four hits to five batters. Millar gets the big blow, driving in the two runs that give Baltimore the victory.

Ortiz came close to tying in as a pinch-hitter leading off the ninth, but flew out to deep center, just to the left of the bullpens. ... Manny hit home run #35 and also picked up a single and a walk.


Adam Loewen (5.30) / Tim Wakefield (4.63), 7 PM

Red Sox lineup -- Ortiz out, Manny in:
Pedroia, SS
Loretta, 2B
Lowell, 3B
Ramirez, DH
WM Pena, CF
Nixon, RF
Mirabelli, C
Kapler, LF
C Pena, 1B


Jack Marshall said...

Traveling for four days and really missed reading the Death Watch journals here.
Last night Jim Palmer made a surpassingly stupid comment that I sure hope doesn't catch on with the rest of the Moron Media, which was that the Red Sox "gambled at giving up offense for defense" and lost, hence the failed season. Crap, crap, crap. The team was right on pace to equal last year's run totals when the injuries and Tito's stubborness (insisting on batting a .320 OBA lead-off man instead of a .385 one) derailed the offense. The team had plenty of offense. The pitching sunk it.

redsock said...

You haven't missed much.

I've been pretty absent and haven't read the rags much at all.

The media has been spouting that less offense/better defense line all year.

I'll be doing my MVP posts soon.

Woti-woti said...

I don't want to get into a fruitless chicken or egg discussion, but there's plenty of evidence that the Sox hitters 5 through 9 in the order were below league average. Once Crisp went lead-off (and who knows that didn't come from Theo), the offense was decidedly a 2-man crew. Then 1/2 left with Manny. Let's just say that in the end, the offense couldn't support the level of pitching the club was getting. Defense? If somebody in the FO still has a hard-on for Lugo and they let AGon get away, somebody is fucking nuts.

Jack Marshall said...

The league-average stuff is great for evaluating right field...but there is an indisputable way of evaluating offenses: who scores the most runs. Right before the Yankee series the Sox were second behind the White Sox in a closely bunched group, on track for 900 runs. That's all. I'm not going to argue that by position, Tek, Youk, Gonzo, Trot and Crisp weren't below average: they were. But I checked the offense figures every week until mid-August when it was clear what was happening. This was an above average offense, below-average componanants notwithstanding.

And I'm a Gonzo fan: his offense is good enough if the offense is working as a whole, and his defense more than justifies his presence.

Red Sock: Oh, I remember it, but it went away by midseason because it was so stupid. Then Manny's knee acts up and he barely plays for almost two months, Papi loses two weeks with a heart problem, Youk, Loretta, Wily Mo and Lowell are hurt, and the offense understandably falls off the cliff. So they these fools come back AGAIN and say the offense decline was INTENTIONAL but the defense didn't make up for it? How can "professionals" be that stupid and live? Why should we have to read and listen to that crap? DOES JIM PALMER WEAR A TOUP OR NOT? ARRRRRRRGHHHHHH!!

L-girl said...

How can "professionals" be that stupid and live?

Live, maybe. But work??? Get and keep some of the most enviable jobs in the country???



L-girl said...

At the risk of being misinterpreted: go yankees. I do not want to finish 3rd.

Do not.

brian said...

3rd Place. Wow.

At least Manny played and homered. I'm in the "Keep Manny" camp unless we can get Miguel Cabrera in a 3 team deal.

L-girl said...

If I wish Mike Timlin has a hunting accident in the off-season, does that make me a bad person?

Just asking. Like, for information's sake.

s1c said...

Timlin 9 saves 7 blown saves and 21 holds. This series is typical of his year.

Jack Marshall said...

So why did Tito keep using him to save games? Me, I'd rather take my chances with Foulke, now that he's sort of healthy.

Or Alex Cora.

Oh, well. I was tired of that record of finishing behind NY all those seasons in a row, and just knew this was the year it would change. This wasn't how I thought it would happen, of course...

One last prediction this season from the genius who said the sox would win 102...

The decision not to sign Damon for 5 years will look as good this time next year as the decision not to sign Pedro to four years looks now.

Mark it down.

L-girl said...

I was tired of that record of finishing behind NY all those seasons in a row, and just knew this was the year it would change. This wasn't how I thought it would happen, of course...

I was just thinking that.


Peter N said...

And now, Sunday. All it's glory, staring us in the face. And the news that Roger, Miggy, Pettite and others were ALL bad boys. Or Grimsley is a great liar. Nothing substantiated, but when I heard this in the early morning hours of a grey Sunday, I went downstairs and went to the LA Times' website, and posted it. Breaking news on what day? The final day of the regular season! Scripted timing? Dunno...what do you think?

redsock said...

Why do my posts keep getting deleted?

Because your very first comment here was an assholeish remark. Not a good beginning ... or ending, as it were.

Jack Marshall said...

I am not conspiratorily-mided as a rule, but yes, I find the timing of the Grimsley accusations suspicious.
Following a night in which
a critical game was lost by the Sox as the result of a rally in which two of the players named had a hand (Tejada and Gibbons), I am also reminded how much this stuff angers me. Grimsley's statement is alarming, and creates legitimate and serous doubts about the players named, especially since two of them, Tejada and Rocket, have been the subject of rumors to this effect for a long time. This falls far short of the slam-dunk mound of evidence against Barry Bonds, but it will also set up a needed acid test for those who have come after Barry with guns blazing: will they be as vociferous in their condemnation of a wildly admired (white) superstar like Clemens, and as quick to discount his similar late career achievements? Dan Duquette might have been right after all, you know, and Rocket may have had to resort to illegal means to jump-start his second wind in Toronto. If so, what then? If baseball finds itself having to exclude its all-time hits leader, #2 homerun hitter, and record-setters McGwire and Clemens from the Hall, its integrity will be permananetly scarred.
And if they get in the Hall anyway? Ditto.