June 12, 2007

G63: Red Sox 2, Rockies 1

Wakefield (8-4-1-1-3, 102) and Papelbot (K, F9, K in the 9th) handled the mound chores, while Lugo and Youkilis doubled in the third for one run and JD Drew's sac fly scored Cora with the second run in the eighth. (In four trips, Ortiz singled twice, doubled and walked.)

A quick game in 2:25 that ended just as Sons of Butcher was starting on Teletoon. Perfect!


Aaron Cook (4.54, 99 ERA+) / Tim Wakefield (4.22, 106 ERA+)

Cook has typically pitched six innings, while giving up three or four runs, in the majority of his 13 starts this season. ... He allowed five runs on seven hits in six innings against Houston in his last outing, but the Rockies came back to win. Three starts ago, Cook hurled a five-hit complete game in a win over the Giants.


redsock said...


1. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
2. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Manny Ramirez, LF
5. J.D Drew, RF
6. Mike Lowell, 3B
7. Coco Crisp, CF
8. Doug Mirabelli, C
9. Julio Lugo, SS

1. Willy Taveras, CF
2. Kaz Matsui, 2B
3. Matt Holliday, LF
4. Todd Helton, 1B
5. Garrett Atkins, 3B
6. Brad Hawpe, RF
7. Ryan Spilborghs, DH
8. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
9. Yorvit Torreabla, 2B

Tito talks about the lineup change.

Lugo did also.

phrenile said...

Holy crap. I thought we'd never see the day.

tim said...


Jeff said...

crotch grabber at # 9 I like it. I think Youk should be leadoff though

tim said...

yeah, all i would do is flip Yook and DP, as well as Lowell and Drew. I've thought Mikey should be the #5 man since one of his rockin' doubles off the monster last May (2006).

tim said...

"Rem-Dog Nation, Red Sox Nation, it's all one nation under dog"

brilliance, so this is why NESN commentary is miles better than every other one ive heard this year.

Nice DP.

Jeff said...

Another 3-2 hit by Youk

phrenile said...

What's the injury delay (bottom of the third, Manny at bat)?

Zenslinger said...

Torreabla took a foul ball of the knee. He's OK.

redsock said...


impeach the remdawg.

phrenile said...

I'm glad the second anemic run came in the bottom of the 8th so Wake still got the win, after pitching a gem like that.

9casey said...

12 posts .where are all the peeps?

chief said...

Hey Redsock, Cora scored the run, pinch-running for DP.

Nice effort all around. "Nice clean game to win" according to Tito.

L-girl said...

where are all the peeps?

Maybe they were watching without their 'puters, like us.

Good game. Fast, too.

redsock said...

Right, it was Einstein, not DP.

tim said...

I was out for my birthday dinner (one day late) at Le Fût....or, The Keg. :P


Sarah Gates said...

Sadly for this peep, I'm now on the run crew for In The Heights, so no evening baseball for me. Except on mondays.

I did get to see Papelbon's lovely 9th inning, because the short game lined up well with our intermission. Love my slingbox. Love my phone. Any audience members who saw me up on the spot catwalk with my phone probably thought I was nuts though.

tim said...

Slingbox is the shit.

Sarah Gates said...

Yeah, slingbox is definately the shit. We had to get a second cable box to feed ours though. Dave does not want to watch nearly as much baseball as I do.

Just looked at what Lugo had to say about the lineup change. Gotta love the "as long as I'm not batting 10th" mentality.

L-girl said...

Happy birthday Tim! Your one day late was my one day early. :)

Stefan said...

Not that I ever really like to see them win, but I think this is my favorite Yankees winning streak of ever. 'Cause after reeling off seven in a row, they're at .500, 9.5 GB. Love it.

tim said...

Happy Birthday to you as well then Laura!

and i'd like to give a big LOL out to MFY being at .500 and 9.5 GB. suckas

L-girl said...

Thanks Tim :)

A Yankees fan friend of mine - nice guy, not obnoxious - emailed to ask if I heard "the pitter patter of little feet".

I was like, hmm, the Yankees have a big win streak, we have a mini-slump, and we're still 9.5 GA, and NYY is still playing under .500?

No pitter, no patter, no feet at all.

He's realistic, tho. He said if the Sox don't win the division, they'll have a lot to answer for. Is that ever true.