June 18, 2007

G69: Atlanta 9, Red Sox 4

Coco went 4-for-4, with two solo home runs and two singles.

What else? Pedroia walked twice and singled, Manny walked and singled, Drew hit a home run, even Schilling got a hit ... umm, but he gave up 10 hits and six runs in 4.1 innings and things got worse from there.

DFA Timlin now.


Curt Schilling (3.80, 118 ERA+) / Chuck James (4.16, 99 ERA+)

Atlanta is 1.5 GB the Mets in the NL East. Redsox.com:
LHP James, whose fastball hovers in the high 80s, left the ball up against Minnesota in his last start. As a result, he was pounded; he yielded six runs, all earned, on nine hits and three homers. Before the debacle at the Metrodome, James had thrown quality starts in his previous three outings.
7:00 tonight, but 7:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday.


phrenile said...

Did you see Jere's pics of him on the field at Fenway? Apparently you don't need to tuck a toddler under each arm to get on the field on Fathers' Day. Something to remember for next year.

Zenslinger said...

Today's rumor: Yanks interested in Hillenbrand for 1B.

They're welcome to him, eh?

redsock said...


As you know, JC Romero has been placed on waivers for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release.

Different rules tonight.

Drew rf
Pedroia 2b
Youkilis 1b
Ramirez lf
Varitek c
Lowell 3b
Crisp cf
Lugo ss
Schilling p

Zenslinger said...

Let ragin' Flo rest himself. Until he pinch hits.

'Course the awkward thing about Ortiz as a PH is: who do you put him in for? Take out Youk? Not likely. Move Youk to 3B to take out...Lowell? Nah. PH Ortiz for Lugo or the pitcher, then put Cora in for him? Uses up two, but acceptable, I guess.

NL ball makes the head spin.

Zenslinger said...

Hm, why not Lowell 5th and Varitek 6th?

James gets out of the 1st despite two BBs. Arrr.

Matt said...

Not that Romero would bring much in return, but shame on the sox for not trading him first before bringing up Timlin

Zenslinger said...

I think they probably tried, Matt. Not a lot of time to make something happen. Why should teams give anything up for him when they know they might be able to get him for free?

Nice DP. Great to see Willie Harris blossoming elsewhere but he really borked up that baserunning. Maybe he thought in the back of his head Damon was still in center for us.

Zenslinger said...

Happy happy Coco!

Zenslinger said...

Announcers go after Lugo for not getting a good throw for the DP in the 2nd. Whoever it is harps on Lugo through the replay for not being aware it was a slow catcher (McCann) running and that he has all the time in the world. Replay shows Lugo's hurried throw was poor -- but had to be hurried; McCann's almost at first when the ball arrives high, pulling Youk off of first. "That's not winning baseball."

Lugo could have made a better throw, but the announcer got egg on his face on the replay for sure.

Lovely Pedroia dive.

Pokerwolf said...

A bit off topic, but it's highly amusing that every recent picture I've seen of Manny has been him running like his pants are on fire. Yeah, he's totally lazy. Right.

Put me in the Pedroia Dive Lover's section! Wow!

Zenslinger said...

It's funny as shit when he doesn't realize it's ball four, though (like today).

chief said...

See ya Curt

redsock said...

ESPN on the EI feed tonight, so that meant Dave "I'm Still Angry At Manny For His Showboating That HR In The 2003 ALDS In Oakland" O'Brien, Rick "That's Not Winning Baseball" Sutcliffe and Dusty "Clogging The Basepaths" Baker.

But with both the Jays and Yankees off, I figured Sportsnet HAD to have NESN. ... Mets/Twins! Shit.


(And ESPN is doing Wednesday's game, too? Arrrgggggggggggg.)

L-girl said...


Pokerwolf said...


I think this move should have been filed under "If it ain't broke, then you shouldn't have tried to fix it".

Why did they even bring Timlin back? Our bullpen was LIGHTS OUT before he showed up.