June 20, 2007

G71: Red Sox 11, Atlanta 0

JD Drew hit the fourth pitch of the evening over the right-center field wall. Before the top of the first inning was done, Dustin Pedroia doubled, Manny Ramirez doubled, Jason Varitek walked and Coco Crisp hit a three-run home run. David Ortiz clubbed a two-run shot in the second (after Drew doubled) and Boston had a quick 7-0 lead.

Sexy Lips was dynamite (7-3-0-1-4, 97) retiring the first 10 Atlanta hitters and allowing only one runner to reach third base. Joel Pineiro and Mike Timlin wrapped things up.

Memo to Terry Francona: Using Timlin with an 11-run lead is perfect usage. Please bear in mind that while he retired the side on only six pitches, that does not mean he's in a groove.

The Red Sox hit five home runs: Drew, Crisp, Ortiz, Manny (leading off the 7th) and Eric Hinske (in the eighth after subbing for Tiz at first base). Pedroia doubled twice and Wily Mo Pena, who took over in right for Drew, collected two hits.


Buddy Carlyle (4.44, 93 ERA+) / Julian Tavarez (4.97, 91 ERA+)

Carlyle has provided at least six solid innings in each of his past three starts to seemingly solidify a spot in the Braves' rotation. The 29-year-old journeyman allowed three runs -- two earned -- and six singles over six innings against the Indians on Friday night. ... Carlyle has shown a willingness to attack hitters with pinpoint control, something that negates the fact that he doesn't have overpowering stuff.


The Frenkels said...

Schilling put on 15-day DL. No idea yet who Sox will call up.

Zenslinger said...

Go go offense!

And I finally have Drew off the bench for my fantasy league. I benched Bill Hall...who had a grand slam today.

CaKeY said...

Just reported on NESN. Drew left with a quad issue.

phrenile said...

Emphasis on the "seemingly" in "seemingly solidify", I suspect.

Sir Jahmez said...

Anybody else having problems with mlb.tv - I've had the server busy message for awhile now. Very frustrated.

redsock said...

ESPN leaves the Sox game to show Sosa trying to hit #600.


We miss 4 pitches and an inning-ending DP.

If ESPN will not show the entire Sox game, then they should not show it at all. Gimme NESN on EI.

They wanna show Sammy? Broadcast the fucking Sammy game.

I'm making a phone call.

redsock said...

And you know they'll do it for his next fucking AB.


CaKeY said...

Woot! Manny's got the avg. up to 300.

Zenslinger said...

And the Yanks are down 6-1 -- Rocks did not get to the bullpen; they got all that off of Pettite (Viz let one of the inherited runs score on a single).

Two outs in the ninth.

L-girl said...

Ah, the standings look lovely this morning.