June 30, 2007

G79: Rangers 5, Red Sox 4

Robinson Tejeda (6.57, 69 ERA+) / Josh Beckett (3.07, 146 ERA+)

Tejeda leads the Rangers with five wins, but with an 8.41 ERA since May 1 for the AL's worst team, that isn't saying much. Tejeda fans will find solace in the fact that his stellar first start of the season [April 6], in which he allowed just two hits [and three walks] over seven scoreless innings, came against the Red Sox. That was his only career start against Boston.
It's Canada Day weekend and we are hosting our second annual wmtc backyard party this afternoon. VCR will be rolling -- and I'll be unable to resist periodic score checks.


Woti-woti said...

Happy wmtc. day folks!

Just saw on Globe site:


that Ellsbury has been called up to play CF and bat 9th tonite. Piniero DL'd with sore ankle.

Good luck to Jake, but hope this does not mean that Coco's thumb is screwed, just when his bat was coming around. But a famous philosopher recently said something about doors closing and other ones opening, right?

Enjoy the party!

redsock said...

2B-Dustin Pedroia
1B Kevin Youklis
DH-David Ortiz
LF Manny Ramirez
RF J.D. Drew
3B Mike Lowell
C Jason Varitek
SS Alex Cora
CF Jacoby Ellsbury

CF Kenny Lofton
2B Jerry Hairston
SS Michael Young
DH Sammy Sosa
LF Frank Catalanotto
RF Marlon Byrd
C Gerald Laird
3B Ramon Vazquez

phrenile said...

Nice start. Too bad we couldn't make the intentional walk with one out bite them in the ass.

CaKeY said...

I just heard Tom Caron say that Proctor was so frustrated after the loss he took his equipment out on the field and started a bonfire. Anyone else hear that??

CaKeY said...


ahhh lol

The Frenkels said...

Walk-off alert. Down by 1 run, Youks up first in the bottom of the 9th - walk? Bringing up Big Papi.

Need to hold them first. And Big Papi doesn't look well. Who has June 30?

9casey said...

wtf just happened there?

phrenile said...

Don't be an ass, Frenkels.

Andy said...

The only good part of today's game was that we didn't have to break away from watching our game to see Sosa hit a home run. Complete bullshit these Rangers are.

9casey said...

Was Lugo's steal attempt a straight steal?

13-14 for June ...........not good

UUbuntu said...

Just got back from the game -- almost like a tripleheader.

First 3 innings -- great pitching, great hitting -- total enjoyment (except for Ellsbury hitting himself into an out without leaving the batter's box for his first career AB).

Second 3 innings, the pitching stops, the hitting stops -- total frustration (except for Ellsbury beating out the throw for his first career hit).

Last 3 inning, great pitching (even Timlin!), no hitting. An a terrible piece of baserunning by Lugo (I think someone missed a sign)

1 win, 1 loss, 1 tie. Unfortunately, the loss was bigger than the win, so we lose our 30th instead of winning our 50th.