June 8, 2007

Taking Solace Wherever You Find It

Peter Abraham, LoHud Yankees Blog:
You should have heard the clubhouse when Shannon Stewart busted up 38pitches.com’s no-hitter. Cheers from the back of the room to the front.
Tyler Kepner, New York Times blog:
The Yankees watched the end of Schilling's game in the clubhouse Thursday afternoon. When Shannon Stewart broke up the no-hitter, the room erupted in cheers, players bursting from their seats and shouting. ...

I kidded with Mussina and asked if he'd send a telegram to Schilling. Mussina, whose perfect game was ruined by Carl Everett on Sept. 2, 2001, sneered. "What?" he cried. "He didn't get to one strike away!"


CaKeY said...

pfff... We'll be the ones laughing in mid August when the yanks are eliminated.

L-girl said...

I love how Kepner says Mussina "sneered". Can't you just see it?

redsock said...

One strike away, one out away.

Both games can end on the next pitch. One isn't necessarily closer to being complete than the other.

Carl Everett broke up the Bigot's perfecto and he first uttered the infamous phrase "curly haired boyfriend". .. So what if he doesn't believe in dinosaurs? The man deserves respect.

tim said...

that's so weak. another reason to hate that team.

L-girl said...

I have no love for the dinosaur boy, but the man who made up the phrase CHB... we owe him a debt that can never be repaid.