June 7, 2007

What, Me Worry? (No, But It's Time To Bat Lugo #8)

Jeff Horrigan, Herald:
It took more than two months, but there may finally be a reason for Red Sox fans to start fidgeting.
Umm, no. Despite four straight losses (and only one win in the last seven games), Boston has the best record in baseball (37-21) and the largest division lead (9 GA) in the majorts. Among all 30 teams, the Sox are 3rd in run scored and tied for 3rd in fewest runs allowed.

Still ... something's going on.

Amalie Benjamin, Globe:
It's been a long time since I've walked into the Red Sox clubhouse after a game and found it like it was tonight.

Silent, really.

Silent and solemn.
It seems like everything changed after the travel we had to do (to get) here. The intensity. The little stuff. It's not there. It's a different feeling. We don't have the intensity we normally have. That's my view. A lot of guys are trying, but it's not coming together.
MLB.com's Rick Eymer highlights Julio Lugo's stolen bases in his Red Sox notebook. The headline states that Lugo has been "providing [a] spark at the top" of the Boston lineup. Lugo:
I'm producing well. I know my average (.225) will be there. I'm getting hits when it counts. I'm making contact; I'm just not hitting the ball where I want.
If you want to keep deluding yourself, Julio, go right ahead. But the facts don't agree with you. The serious underachieving shortstop has an on-base percentage of .282 -- the worst of the starters. His OPS+ is 59. Doug Mirabelli's is 54. Forget foot speed for a minute -- do you want a hitter as productive [sic] as Mirabelli leading off?

It's time to stop giving Lugo the most plate appearances of anyone on the team. How about this lineup (with OBP and OPS+ (100 is league average)?
Youkilis  .427   154
Pedroia .399 125
Ortiz .443 171
Ramirez .380 123
Lowell .382 147
Varitek .370 117
Drew .344 75
Lugo .282 59
Crisp .290 60


tim said...

I'm down with that lineup, cept for Dougie games remove 'Tek and move everyone up a spot, giving dougie the #9 spot.

Sir Jahmez said...

I think the current slump (if you can call it that) is the lack of sleep the Sox got coming into the series with Oakland. I think if they had a day off between series - the first three games would have a possibly different outcome. I think maybe we'll be caught up on sleep today. Go Sox.

tim j said...

See, I like having the 1-2 punch of Crisp & Lugo, and having them at either 8 & 1 or 9 & 1 gives mad speed. But I do like your lineup, Youk has proven to be a very effective leadoff man, and Pedroia has done great in the 2.

That way, you have Crisp & Lugo on the bases (hopefully) to run fast when either Youk, Pedroia, Papi or Manny hit anything.

s1c said...

I have also called for a new lineup, mine was different though, I went radical.


My feeling was that even with Drew struggling he has an OBA of .340 so you can take advantage of his OBA and he has decent speed.

Second that gives you a L, R, L, R, S, R, R, S, R batting order. Making it harder for the opposing bull pen.

9casey said...

I like that, Drew at leadoff, then you can have kind of a Damon circa 2004. And play small ball at the bottom.