November 25, 2008

Contest Winner

Seventeen readers entered the contest to win a copy of David Green's book: 101 Reasons to Love the Red Sox.

I numbered the names as they came in, put them on squares of paper, put them in my 2007 World Champs hat -- which I will enjoy wearing around Manhattan tomorrow -- and had L pick out a winner: #10, Carla P!

P.S.: The Red Sox have announced their spring training schedule.

P.P.S.: Canadian Blog Awards -- Vote for JoS!


cpullum said...

Thanks and I voted for you!!!

Stouts said...

I want whatever Boras is smoking.... Vtek? A full-time player for years to come? HA! He hasn't been a full-time player in years!

I swear, Boras could make a rock look like it deserved $10 million....

phil said...

P.P.S.: Canadian Blog Awards -- Vote for JoS!

On three computers so far.