November 7, 2008

Red Sox Request 2012 ASG

The Providence Journal reports that the Red Sox have asked to host the 2012 All-Star game.

Larry Lucchino said the request was made "in light of the 100-year anniversary [of Fenway Park] and all the changes that have taken place here."


tim said...

Dushbag that made comment #1 on that article.

But he did make a good point about how the tickets will be obscenely priced.

redsock said...

We got in for pre-sale purchasing of 2009 WBC tix. Some # of games will be at Skydome.

redsock said...

Award Dates

NL/AL Rookies - Nov. 10
NL Cy Young - Nov. 11
NL/AL Managers - Nov. 12
AL Cy Young - Nov. 13
NL MVP - Nov. 17
AL MVP - Nov. 18

FenFan said...

Is there a point to waiting until mid-November for these announcements? Aren't these decided by the end of the regular season?

redsock said...

Yes, votes are submitted at the end of the regular season. I know they want to wait until after the playoffs/WS.

ish said...

Just in case the World Series ends on November 9th for whatever reason.

andy said...

Are they shutting down Fenway after the 12 season?