August 16, 2009

G117: Rangers 4, Red Sox 3

Red Sox - 010 100 100 - 3  8  0
Rangers - 012 001 00x - 4 11 1
Facing C.J. Wilson in the eighth inning, Mike Lowell lined a one-out single to left and Casey Kotchman walked. Nick Green pinch-ran for sLowell.

First and second and one out seemed like a decent chance to score a run, but the Red Sox had Brian Anderson and Alex Gonzalez coming up. ... Both hitters [sic] looked at strike three.
Junichi Tazawa (4.05, 116 ERA+) / Dustin Nippert (3.62, 124 ERA+)

With his win against the Tigers in his last start, Tazawa became the youngest Japanese-born pitcher to win his first career major league start (23 years, 66 days old).

Daniel Paulling,
Including Saturday, the Red Sox have made seven roster moves in the last 11 days and 10 over the last 16. They have used 46 different players so far, just one shy of their mark (47) from last season. The Red Sox have used 22 pitchers this year, also just one behind the 23 the number they used last season.
Clay Buchholz explains his baserunning adventure. ... Tim Wakefield threw 3.2 innings (63 pitches) for Pawtucket yesterday. He allowed three hits, two runs and one walk, and struck out three.

4 PM: Yankees/Mariners.


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tim said...


redsock said...

Tim with the easiest 201 in history -- almost two hours after 200!


Some good news:

MFY: 001 200 000 - 3 8 0
SEA: 002 020 51x - 10 15 0

redsock said...

WOW - LAA with 9 in the top of the 13th to beat the Birds 17-8!

9casey said...

It didn't lose the game for us......but Nick Green is still a better option then Alex Gonzalez......Reddick is still a better option then Anderson...

To many moves, it wasn't really that broken to begin with, alot of panic from the FO and Tito since the Yankee series

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