August 3, 2009

Off-Day Outtakes: Hüsker Dü

Hüsker Dü -- bassist Greg Norton, drummer Grant Hart and guitarist Bob Mould (L-R) -- was one of the most influential (and prolific) rock bands of the 1980s. Beginning in July 1984, they released five albums (two of them double albums!) in 2½ years. I was lucky enough to see them in Providence on May 4, 1985 and in New York City on March 27, 1987. The band broke up later that year. (wiki)

Early Demos (1979-1980)
01 Nuclear Nightmare
02 Do The Bee
03 Uncle Ron
04 Don't Try To Call
05 Sex Dolls
06 MTC
07 Picture Of You
08 Can't See You Anymore
09 The Truth Hurts
10 Sore Eyes
11 All Tensed Up
12 Writer's Cramp
13 All I've Got To Lose Is You
14 Writer's Cramp
Metal Circus - Original Mixes (12/1982)
01 Real World
02 Deadly Skies
03 Today's The Day
04 You Think I'm Scared
05 First Of The Last Calls
06 Won't Change
07 Out On A Limb
08 Standing By The Sea
09 Diane
10 It's Not Funny Anymore
11 Lifeline
Metal Circus - Outtakes (12/1982)
01 Today's The Day
02 You Think I'm Scared
03 Standing By The Sea
Zen Arcade - Complete Outtakes (10/1983)
Disc 1

01 Something I Learned Today
02 Broken Home, Broken Heart
03 Chartered Trips
04 Hare Krsna
05 Indecision Time
06 I'll Never Forget You
07 Beyond the Threshold
08 The Biggest Lie
09 Pride
10 What's Going On
11 Masochism World
12 Standing By The Sea
13 Somewhere
14 Pink Turns To Blue
15 Dozen Beats Eleven
16 Turn On The News
17 Newest Industry
18 Whatever
19 Eight Miles High
20 The Tooth Fairy And The Princess

Disc 2
01 Reoccurring Dreams
02 Chartered Trips
03 Hare Krsna
04 One Step At A Time
05 Monday Will Never Be The Same
06 [untitled piano piece aka Granted]
07 Never Talking To You Again
08 Somewhere
09 One Step At A Time
10 Pink Turns to Blue
11 Newest Industry
12 Monday Will Never Be The Same
13 Whatever
14 Something I Learned Today
15 Broken Home, Broken Heart
16 Chartered Trips
17 Indecision Time
18 I'll Never Forget You
19 Beyond The Threshold
20 The Biggest Lie
21 Pride

Disc 3
01 What's Going On
02 Masochism World
03 Standing By The Sea
04 Somewhere
05 One Step At A Time
06 Pink Turns To Blue
07 Some Kind Of Fun
08 Turn On The News
09 Newest Industry
10 Monday Will Never Be The Same
11 Whatever
12 Eight Miles High
Rehearsals (October 1983)
13 Whatever (3 takes)
14 Indecision Time
15 Somewhere
16 Dozen Beats Eleven
New Day Rising - Rehearsals (07/1984 - instrumentals)
01 New Day Rising
02 Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
03 I Apologize
04 Folklore
05 If I Told You
06 Celebrated Summer
07 Listen
08 Terms Of Psychic Warfare
09 59 Times The Pain
10 Erase Today
11 I Don't Know What You're Talking About
12 Books About UFOs
13 How To Skin A Cat
14 Whatcha Drinkin'
15 Plans I Make
New Day Rising - Rough Mixes/Practices (07/1984)
01 I Apologize #1
02 I Apologize #2
03 Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
04 If I Told You #1
05 If I Told You #2
06 Books About UFOs
Candy Apple Grey - Demos (11/1985)
01 Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
02 Crystal (instrumental)
03 Sorry Somehow
04 I Don't Know For Sure (instrumental)
05 Hardly Getting Over It
06 All Work And No Play (instrumental)
07 Dead Set On Destruction
08 Eiffel Tower High
09 Misty Modern Day (instrumental)
10 All This I've Done For You
11 Just Be (instrumental)
12 Hardly Getting Over It (instrumental)
13 I Don't Know For Sure
Warehouse: Songs and Stories -
Rehearsal/Rough Mixes (08/1986)

01 These Important Years
02 Charity, Chastity, Prudence And Hope
03 Standing In The Rain
04 Tell You Why Tomorrow
05 Ice Cold Ice
06 You're A Soldier
07 Could You Be The One?
08 Actual Condition
09 It's Not Peculiar
10 Too Much Spice
11 Visionary
12 She Floated Away
13 Friend, You've Got To Fall
14 Back From Somewhere
15 Bed Of Nails
16 You Can Live At Home (semi-instrumental)
17 Turn It Around
18 [Police investigate noise complaint]
19 You Can Live At Home
20 Tell You Why Tomorrow
21 Charity, Chastity, Prudence And Hope
22 She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man) (instrumental)

01-18: August 5, 1986 Rehearsal
19-22: 1986 rough mixes
VIDEO -- May 14, 1985 -- Camden Palace, London

New Day Rising / It's Not Funny Anymore

Everything Falls Apart / Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill

I Apologize / If I Told You / Folklore

Terms Of Psychic Warfare / Powerline / Books About UFOs

Chartered Trips


Celebrated Summer

Every Everything / Makes No Sense At All / Pink Turns To Blue / Ticket To Ride

Plus: Eight Miles High from the 1987 Pink Pop Festival and an appearance on the Joan Rivers Show (?!?).


accudart said...

Great stuff Allan!

FenFan said...

Ah, the second half... when off-days seem few and far between (and these posts appear less and less). I guess that means more baseball! :-)

Rays and Yanks... Rays and Yanks... it will be an interesting week for Sox fans!

James said...

I've never listened to these guys at all. I guess I should.

Any of the albums in particular I should start with?

redsock said...

I'd check out New Day Rising and its follow-up, Flip Your Wig (esp. side 1).

I don't much care for their really early stuff. Zen Arcade is quite good -- and put them on the map -- but I flat-out love the pop/melodic stuff that followed. Unfortunately, the production on Zen, NDR and Wig is not the best. It can be flat, a bit tinny and lacking in muscle.

Candy Apple Grey was their first album after the jump to Warner Bros. and was a bit of a letdown. Warehouse was good -- it would have been an amazing single album.

When they split, I followed only Mould. The first Sugar album is stunning, as is almost all of Last Dog And Pony Show.

I cannot tell you much of anything about Grant Hart's solo career. Anyone else?

redsock said...

I tried to give a good representative sample from each file. Check those out and see what appeals. P.S.: the Zen Arcade OT are in fantastic quality!

Douglas said...

I don't have much from this band, but as you say, Mould's solo career has been quite good!

L-girl said...

I love Sugar, they're one of my favourite bands. Yet I can't listen to Husker Du at all.

I should try again. I haven't in a while.

Grk! said...

Thanks for this bumper crop!

Jan said...

Hi! I found your blog through a Hüsker Dü list (someone had linked to it). I just wanted to say thanks for posting all this stuff -- there's quite a few songs I hadn't known existed (and it's been pretty cool to hear earlier versions of songs that would wind up on Land Speed Record later, though at higher amphetamine-driven speeds).

As to your question about Grant earlier in the comments, he's not as prolific as Bob's been (it took him 10 years between his last two records) but I think for the most part he's made up for it in quality. His first EP after the Hüskers (2541) was as good as any of their later material, and his first full-length (Intolerance) sounds almost like a lost 60's neo-psychedelic artifact (in a good way). His work with Nova Mob (his band for a good part of the 90's) is kind of hit-or-miss (good singles here and there, but also a lot of filler), but his two albums after have been really decent -- his latest, Hot Wax, is one of the best he's put out. Musically and sonically he's a bit more diverse in his song writing than Bob. He tends to be more experimental. And he's always done Hüsker songs in his live act (he often takes requests, too), which for the past ten or fifteen years has just been him with his guitar, sort of like a hardcore Jonathan Richman.

Anyway, thanks again for the Hüsker tracks (and it was an additional pleasant surprise to find them posted on a fellow Sox fan's blog).

Luke said...

Great post. The early stuff is especially exciting, since I've not heard a lot of it before.

Tom Sandford said...

Hi there,
Any chance you could re-up the Huskers stuff?
Would be greatly appreciated!

satanicwehrmacht666 said...

please re-up this

allan said...

I won't be re-upping this, but keep searching around the web.