August 7, 2009

Ortiz Will Speak To Media On Saturday

David Ortiz will hold a press conference before tomorrow's game to address his appearance on the list of 104 players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.
I'm gonna let you guys know what I've got. Period.
Major League Baseball Players Association general counsel Michael Weiner will accompany Ortiz. ... John Henry said the team would likely issue a statement tomorrow, but "I'm going to let David speak first".
Terry Francona says Jason Bay is not going on the disabled list, but he may miss the entire Yankees series.

Jed Lowrie left last night's game in the fourth inning with an "irritated left forearm".
I think it was a check swing in the first inning. ... It's along the outside of my wrist, and it kind of goes from the middle of my forearm up to my fingers -- my pinky specifically. ... [I]t got worse in my second at-bat, so I had to bring something up.
Lowrie said he felt similar discomfort during the recent series against Oakland.


Kevin Youkilis to Francona:
Is this one of those things where I need to play the outfield again?
John Smoltz:
If I had answers, I'd give them. ... Time may not be on my side if this continues.
Dustin Pedroia:
We're playing like shit right now. That's obvious.
David Ortiz:
When you lose games, of course you worry about we should have got it done better. But after you lose it, nothing you can do but clean up your head and come back next day and fight back.
Jared Remy, on his father's health:
He's getting better. The cancer is gone. He's starting to walk a little and get his lung span back.


L-girl said...

If that's true about Remy, that's our first good news is a long time.

Here's to 11-1.

L-girl said...

Actually, it only feels like a long time. I believe we won some games in the recent past.

nick said...

We haven't won a game in modern history! There is doom. We are only 8-1 against the yankees. doooom!

johngoldfine said...

Nice to hear FY state the obvious in a way it's not usually stated for the public. Plain speaking can't hurt.

Maxwell Horse said...

Since I'm all about bringing negativity...

I'm surprised I haven't read many bloggers or papers comment on the apparent headhunting of Pedroia. If he hadn't moved, he would've taken it in the face.

I know the counter-argument is that the ball "slipped," but it didn't look that way from where I was sitting. Not twice in a row to the same spot. Crap, even Tom Caron and Jim Rice assumed it was intentional in the post show and were merely perplexed as to the motivation behind it.

Does this come down to management policy under Girardi? It must, because if these pitchers are merely acting as loose cannons, the least Girardi would do would be to tell them to stop. And this hasn't just been about Joba over the last couple years. I have recollections of Youk being hit in the head by another pitcher in a home game.

But it's silly for me to complain about this. After all, Pedro has hit a lot of people and hit them in the head. So did Clemens. I'm talking hundreds of batters between them taking it off the face. And both those guys are still with the Sox, so it all evens out. Also, the Yankees are classy. Hitting Pedroia was an accident, but simultaneously it was awesome because it showed that the Yanks aren't going to take "it" anymore and that they're gritty. (This last paragraph was sarcasm.)

L-girl said...

I do think it's silly to complain about HBP, and no sarcasm there. Very few of us complained about the aggressiveness of Pedro or Clemens. Fewer still would complain if we had a very aggressive pitcher targetting Yankees right now. Most of us would love it.

It's wrong, and it's not classy, but it's part of the game - always has been, always will be. I think hypocritical whining about it is worse than doing it.

Maxwell Horse said...

I understand what you're saying L-Girl. Still, I find it odd that very few people are talking about it. Even if it comes down to issues of maturity or hypocricy, I mean, that's never stopped people before.

I thought about it some more and I think it comes down to: there were so many more concerning things to come out of the last few games for Sox fans (our horrible starting rotation in a season that's getting shorter with each passing day) that a HBP in what felt like the 20th inning of a blowout barely even registered.

L-girl said...

Even if it comes down to issues of maturity or hypocricy, I mean, that's never stopped people before.

That's for sure.

I never know what people are talking about because I avoid 99% of all sports media. But yes, that does sound odd.

Iridescence said...


I love to see pitchers like Pedro pitching inside and if they accidentally hit someone fine and I feel the same about MFY pitchers. If they hit one of our guys by accident pitching inside that's part of the game.

But throwing behind someone's head and then hitting them on the next pitch sits wrong with me. I wouldn't like it if one of the Sox pitchers did that either. It doesn't seem like a mistake. Especially in a 7 run game. Maybe both pitches "slipped" but I don't think so and I don't like it.

Ish said...

I don't think anything needs to be said until there's a retaliation (if any) and the repercussions of that.

Plus, it's not like the Red Sox and Yankees have never gone through this before.

9casey said...

Pedroia and the pitcher had history as well, with FY at Arizona State and the headhunter at Arizona..

9casey said...

L-girl said...
If that's true about Remy, that's our first good news is a long time.

I never knew he wasn't even walking. He is or was a lot worse than I orignally thought..

Ish said...

The way it sounds about Remy, I'd be surprised if he ever comes back to the booth full time again.

I can see him doing only home games or something.

LJCohen said...

Re: Remy--I really don't expect him to come back to the booth. Sadly, I believe all the 'good' news about his progress is simply whistling in the dark. (Though I would love to be proved wrong) Lung CA is a vicious disease and I wouldn't be surprised if his bout with "pneumonia' last year was his first diagnosis of cancer, this bout, a recurrence. That's a typical pattern, unfortunately.

L-girl said...

Re: Remy--I really don't expect him to come back to the booth.

I have thought this all along, too. The recovery rate from lung cancer is very, very low. The fact that he has been out this long is an indication of how unwell he is.

Those of us over a "certain age" all had the same reaction/thought early this season. He lost so much weight (while never mentioning dieting or trying to lose weight) and then was absent with an unspecified "chest infection". Many of us knew right then it was likely lung cancer or emphysema, and he would likely not recover.

If we're wrong, that will be great.