June 19, 2018

Damon: Trump "Is Doing A Great Job. People Don't Really Want To Hear The Truth"

Johnny Damon, speaking to reporters about President Donald Trump on Sunday at Yankees' Old-Timers' Day:
I think he's doing a great job. Unfortunately, people don't really want to hear the truth that is out there. ...

He's trying to get everything done and the two biggest things we haven't tackled are health care and immigration. And the reason why is because people aren't voting for it. ... [A] lot of people would rather see President Trump fail than help him get the USA back on track. ...

If you're going to be here, just be here legally, and come on over. America is the greatest place in the world and we're not going to turn our backs on anyone, but would you just want people to walk into your country and not know where they're going?
Damon may be a self-described "idiot", but he is far from alone in his beliefs. A Gallup poll released yesterday says that 38% of Americans are happy with the country's current direction. That is the highest level of satisfaction reported by Gallup in almost 13 years (September 2005).

Back in March 2016, both Damon and Clay Buchholz expressed strong support for Trump:

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