June 14, 2018

Umpire Tom Hallion: "Terry, Talk To Me." ... Terry Collins Talks. Loudly. And Gloriously Profane.

Chris Thompson, Deadspin:
Noah Syndergaard was ejected from a Dodgers-Mets game way back in late May 2016 after throwing behind Chase Utley in the top of the third inning. It was a 1-0 pitch, and it was 99 miles per hour, and it sailed behind Utley by a good eight inches.

The context is important. Utley's notorious takeout slide in Game 2 of the 2015 National League Division Series nuked the right fibula of Mets infielder Ruben Tejada. Utley was suspended for the next two games of the series ... Syndergaard's pitch in 2016 was assumed to be an effort at retaliation, even all that time later. Possibly it was just a wild fastball? Either way, as you can imagine, Terry Collins was quite pissed.

I'm with commenter SeveralMoons45:
Seriously there has to be more of these, right? I want to like quit my job and sit down with a cache of them and just tune out the world.


the bus driver said...

updated link FYI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEZgWIw_5EY

allan said...


Jesus, MLB are such dicks. ... 'Hey, let's work our asses off 24/7 to remove all evidence of major league baseball from the internet. And when that's done, we can get back to wondering why young people don't give a shit about baseball.'

Jere said...

In that Deadspin article, the guy uses the word "fucken." I've seen this before on the Internet. Is it possible some people don't realize the word is "fucking," said without the g? Like, they think of it as parallel to "oaken"? "This fucken armoire is the product of fine weathered fuck."

allan said...


You see it all.

I saw a recent news column about Trump. Kept referring to him as a motherfcker. I liked that. Just don't use the "u". .. Fck you! No need for stuff like #@*%.

Jere said...

Yeah that is good.

wallythe24 said...

You forgot Fakin'

allan said...

Grant Brisbee: "Hearing all of the conversations on a baseball field would be glorious, just glorious, and it would certainly change our enjoyment of the game. What the Collins video showed us was that fly-on-the-wall baseball is an absolute dream. To hear pitchers and catchers talk about whatever is behind the gloves covering their lips. To empathize with the umpires who have to explain the technicalities that a spittle-flecked manager doesn’t want to hear. To understand the game better. It would take an enjoyable product and make it much better. ... I would pay $500 a year for access to live mics on the field. I’m an active parishioner of the Church of Vin Scully, and yet my platonic idea of watching a baseball game is to hear the sounds and the cracks and the snaps and the grunts and the yelling and the yelling and the yelling and the yelling. To be omnipotent like this ... it’s the baseball fan’s dream."