June 23, 2018

Mike Trout After 1,000 Games

Crazy Mike Trout Factoids:

That's the longest streak of games, since Trout was called up for good in April 2012, in which he failed to reach base. Two! Willie Mays had three streaks of at least three goose eggs during his first 1,000 games played, Barry Bonds had a streak of four and three threes, Ken Griffey Jr. had a four and a three, and even Ted Williams -- the most precocious on-base machine in history -- airballed three straight games in 1939, when he was 20. ...

Trout's career OPS+ of 175 is higher than Griffey's single-season high of 171. ...
Willie Mays had only one season with an OPS+ higher than 175 (185 in 1965). ... Though to be fair, he also had two seasons at 175, one at 174, one at 173, and one at 172.


PK said...

Not enough can be said about Mike Trout.

FenFan said...

When Betts got off to his hot start and people were still saying that Trout was the early favorite for MVP, it boiled my blood a bit, but more so now I see why the latter is more deserving of the attention. Now the question becomes whether the Angels are going to break the bank to keep him after his contract ends in 2020; Pujols will have just one year left on his contract at that point.

allan said...

Players with a Higher Career Batting Average, On-Base Percentage, and Slugging Percentage than Mike Trout:
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Rogers Hornsby
Jimmie Foxx
Ted Williams

Players with a Higher Career OPS+ than Mike Trout (175):
Babe Ruth - 206
Ted Williams - 190
Barry Bonds - 182
Lou Gehrig - 179

allan said...

How about this?

1st AB in 2012 All-Star Game: single
1st AB in 2013 All-Star Game: double
1st AB in 2014 All-Star Game: triple
1st AB in 2015 All-Star Game: home run