June 27, 2018

Stark's Useless Information: Pawtucket: Winning Pitcher: Josh Smith. Save: Josh Smith.

(This should have posted 5 days ago. I thought I scheduled it.)

I was close - but I failed to anticipate Brandon Morrow having such trouble removing his pants.

The Joy of Sox, June 19:
What is important here is that Juan Soto hit a major league home run five days "before" his major league debut.

(Somewhere, Jayson Stark is thinking, Well, the lead for my next Useless Information column just wrote itself.)
Jayson Stark, June 22, The Athletic:
A guy​ debuted before his​ debut...A no-hit bid roared into the​ seventh​ inning —​ despite​ the absence​ of both​ the​ pitcher and​​ the catcher...But that isn't what the world will remember from this week in baseball.

Because it was... (drum roll, please)... Goofy Injury Week!
Some other cool stuff from Stark's column:

On June 17, the Astros wrapped up a 10-0 road trip. On the same day, the Orioles won their 10th road game of the year (10-29).

Down in Pawtucket on June 20, Josh Smith was the winning pitcher for the Pawtucket Red Sox. And Josh Smith got the save.

Also on June 20: the Rangers started the only double hyphenated last name battery in major league history: pitcher Austin Bibens-Dirkx and catcher Isiah Kiner-Falefa.

Cole Hamels. On June 7, he lost to Gerrit Cole. On June 19, he beat Jason Hammel.

Jake Thompson of the Phillies has two saves this season. He pitched three innings in a 20-1 rout for the first one. And he threw only one pitch to collect the second one.

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