June 5, 2018

Guess The Count #6 - With John Tumpane

Hello again, everybody, and welcome to Guess The Count!, the umpiring game where we give you the pitches and you make the calls. Test your skills as an arbiter against those of a real Major League Baseball umpire.

Today's man behind the plate is John Tumpane and we will be looking at the Tigers/Red Sox game of Tuesday, June 5, 2018. So make your guesses and then see how you matched up against our big-time ump. One explanation before we start: There are no tricks. All of the pitches were taken by the batter; he did not swing at any of them.

Ready? Let's begin! Red Sox knuckleballer Steven Wright lets it fly ... and it's time for you to ... guess the count!

Now we have Detroit's Artie Lewicki on the hill:

Check the comments for how Tumpane called the pitches. ... How did you do? Do you have what it takes to be a major league umpire? If not, better luck next time!

Finally, we'd like to thank today's sponsor: Acme Robotics!

And that's all for today from ... Guess The Count!

1 comment:

allan said...

T2: Steven Wright pitching to Dixon Machado: ball, ball, ball, called strike.

B6: Warwick Saupold pitching to Jackie Bradley: called strike, ball, ball, called strike.