March 24, 2020

An Impatient Trump Is Now Ignoring Medical Experts And Getting Advice And Ideas From "TV Personalities And MAGA Loyalists"

Donald Trump has stopped listening to all medical experts. Instead, he has turned to "informal advisers, TV personalities, and MAGA loyalists outside his administration for their ideas".

The New York Times reports:
The president has become increasingly concerned as Dr. Anthony S. Fauci has grown bolder in correcting his falsehoods about the spread of the coronavirus.
Let that sink in for a minute. ... Trump is getting angry and frustrated because one of the top immunologist in the entire world, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is correcting his constant lies because lives are at stake. (Trump is such a medical super-genius he admitted two days ago that he had no idea how a modern thermometer works.)

Trump has also lost his patience for the safety precautions that have been enacted throughout the US. He wants to stop them in the next two weeks and have businesses go back to normal. He truly does not give a shit:
Let's go to work. Our country wasn't built to be shut down. This is not a country that was built for this. It was not built to be shut down.
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Dr. Bandy Lee, a professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine and editor of the bestselling book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, spoke with Salon. The entire interview is worth reading.
Trump is not in touch with reality. ... Mental health professionals have been warning for years that Trump's mental health issues would lead to such a dire situation. Trump is not showing just a lack of presidential leadership. What he is doing is so irresponsible and inept that having him as president is in some ways worse than having no leadership in the country at all. Trump is spreading disinformation, suppressing reality, and threatening those experts and other people who are telling him things about the coronavirus pandemic that he doesn't want to hear. ... His mental health issues are translating directly into deaths and widespread calamity. ...

Donald Trump lacks the traits of empathy, sympathy and guilt. Those basic characteristics of humanity have not developed in him. No matter how many lives are impacted by the virus or how many deaths occur, it doesn't really touch him. Human beings are like objects to Donald Trump. He doesn't really relate to other people as if they are human beings. ...

Trump actually wishes to hold on to the opposite of reality because he cannot tolerate reality as it exists. In truth, Trump is incompetent and not even able to engage in rational thinking. ... Scientific evidence and empirical reality ... do not change to fit Trump's desires and whims. This is very threatening to Donald Trump. ... When reality pushes back against Trump's fantasy world he is going to fight back as though he is fighting for his life. Donald Trump, with all the powers of the presidency and given his mind and behavior, is the most dangerous man on the planet. ...

Trump is impaired and, yes, he does seem to be a bumbling fool. ... The problem is that when there is a person like Donald Trump who is impaired in the higher functions of the brain, the lower functions — the primitive or "reptilian" brain — become more powerful than ever before. ... Those impulses help Trump to control his people, his frenzied irrational followers. ... This is not a strategy; it is a pathology. Trump's movement is an actual mental disease spreading across the country. As others have pointed out, Donald Trump leads a cult. The Republicans and his other followers are Trump's cult members. ...

Trump's delusions have been induced across an entire population of his supporters and other followers. ... The coronavirus pandemic is a graphic illustration of how disastrous allowing the mental health pandemic that is Trump's cult to continue unabated. ... Trump's followers derive their identity, their sense of meaning in their lives, and how they understand the world from what he says. ... In that relationship they have lost their personhood, autonomy and even their ability to think for themselves. ...

Trump's supporters are ... unable to hear what other people are saying if it does not support Trump. ... If a person tries to explain reality to Trump's supporters, they will do anything to hold onto their fantasies about Trump and to follow his commands. ... Mentally unwell leaders influence their followers to behave the same way.


GK said...

This virus might mutate into a harmless cold causing virus a few years from now, or it could become more deadly. There is no 100% bullet proof vaccine for any respiratory virus. Right now the most hideous things are happening in the US. They are going to get all of us killed.

johngoldfine said...

Yeah yeah, but apart from all that, everything is A-OK, right?

laura k said...

This is a BASEBALL site, not a libtard leftist political site. STICK TO BASEBALL!

One of the many many many things about which you are utterly ignorant. This is ALLAN'S BLOG. He can write about whatever he damn well pleases.

laura k said...

Maybe TheRef and Unknown would prefer the other blog. :)

allan said...

I have taken the name of their Lord in vain.

Stick to Baseball!
Okay. Hey, why is there no baseball?
Because this virus is out of control.
See? These things ARE connected!
But you can't connect them on a baseball blog.
Did you create this blog?
Then go fuck yourself.

allan said...

Note: Seeing idiotic pro-Trump comments only makes me want to post more stuff.

Like this:
March 21: Trump promises 27,000,000 coronavirus test kits by the end of March.
March 24: Trump uses the Defense Production Act to produce 66,000 test kits.

allan said...

I thought comments got reviewed and had to be approved before they were posted ... my libertard non-friend ...

Your comment was reviewed.
It was not approved.
It was not posted.

allan said...

Another day and things get a little more insane, surreal, and terrifying.

Trump attacks New York Senator Andrew Cuomo: "He's supposed to be buying his own ventilators."

Trump wants to end social distancing by April 12: "I would love to have it opened [the country] by Easter."

Trump explains [sic] that widespread coronavirus infection is better than people staying safe at home because people at home can get depressed and that can be deadly if they commit suicide. ("You're going to have suicides by the thousands.")

The only thing we have going for us is that most of the governors and mayors aren't batshit crazy like this monstrous toad.
Why he thinks he can "order" everyone back to work I do not know. I guess he can veto any further aid to workers, which is probably what we're going to see. ... So I'd expect there to be massive, massive economic suffering coming our way in the next few months as Trump and his sycophants indulge their fantasy of a recovering economy. ...
I would guess that he is going to withdraw the CDC guidelines and the national emergency declaration, making it much more difficult for the states to get the assistance they need. His main accomplishment will be to kill red state residents when they all start doing what he tells them to do and starving the states of what they need to save the lives of their residents.
But as you can see, he's already got his "blame game" all mapped out. He will hold those public officials who are trying desperately to do the right thing responsible when this catastrophe hurtles out of control and the economy fails to rebound instantly.
His MO will be the same as it always is: brag, blame, whine and lie. It's all he knows.

That's pretty much what happens with anything and everything Trump touches: a catastrophe that hurtles out of control.

WaPo: "President Trump's private business has shut down six of its top seven revenue-producing clubs and hotels because of restrictions meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, potentially depriving Trump's company of millions of dollars in revenue."

laura k said...

Sometimes it's just fun to approve comments and yell at someone before Allan gets out of bed. :)

Paul Hickman said...

Allan, w

We need to start a global movement to change the Dictionary definition of "cretin" ....... just have Tronald Dump's photo !

Mentally Retarded : see Cretin
Moron : see Cretin