March 19, 2020

Right-Wing Media Claims Trump, Bold And Decisive, Has Never Minimized Virus Threat

An actual Fox Poll, complete with a typo, from Wednesday night.

Lou Dobbs: "Be sure to vote in our poll tonight. How would you grade President Trump's leadership in the nation's fight against the Wuhan Chinese virus? Superb? Great? Or very good? Cast your vote on Twitter, at Lou Dobbs. We'd like to hear from you on this important question. Scientific answers we will share with you tomorrow evening."

"Scientific answers"!

Max J. Skidmore, author of Presidents, Pandemics, and Politics:
[Trump is] likely to be responsible for many deaths. ...

We are weeks behind where we should have been if a competent administration had been handling the reaction. The misinformation that he spread caused people to be cavalier. ...

We have seen presidents who refused to learn from the past. But one great danger of the Trump presidency is that he's uninterested in performance as long as he can create the image that he's been successful. Actual success is irrelevant to him. The image of success is what's important.
Unfortunately for Dolt 45, he has no clue how to act "presidential". So he blunders along, day after day, babbling petulantly and incoherently, contradicting statements as soon as he makes them, touting his own greatness while ignorant of how overmatched he appears. And nothing gets done and more people get sick and die.

I read a tweet yesterday that likened the situation to parents, huddled under their bed as their house is rapidly engulfed in flames, waiting for instructions on what to do from their three-year-old child.

The 180-degree turn of Fox News has been fascinating and infuriating to watch. The party line has switched – in the blink of an eye – from "the coronavirus is no big deal" to "the coronavirus is a seriously big deal". The Ministry of Truth now states that Trump never minimized the threat of the virus (there are countless video clips of him doing exactly that, of course, including many from Fox). In fact, Democrats and the "Fake News" media have tried to stop Trump from taking his usual bold, wise, and decisive action. It's gaslighting on an unprecedented scale.

Poll results!



johngoldfine said...

How can you be smart enough to read and stupid enough to think that Lou Dobbs' options cover all the possible responses? In Trumpworld, everything he fears might upend him is 'rigged' against him by nameless malign forces--but what could be more rigged than a poll that has only essentially one answer?

allan said...

"Lou Dobbs is in self-quarantine after one of his team members tested positive for COVID-19