March 17, 2020

Baltimore's Caleb Joseph in 2016: 141 Plate Appearances, 0 RBI

[While we wait for baseball's return, I'm going to clear out some of my 164 "draft posts". This was last saved on October 5, 2016.]

Caleb Joseph of the Orioles set a major league record in for a non-pitcher by going to the plate 141 times this past season and knocking in zero runs.

It was the most plate appearances without an RBI for a non-pitcher since Gene Good had 135 PAs for the 1906 Boston Braves. (The all-time record was set by Oscar Jones, a pitcher for the 1904 Brooklyn Superbas, who had 0 RBI in 150 PAs.)

Joseph batted .174 (23-for-132), and you'd think he would have knock in a run with one of those 23 hits simply by accident at some point.

Joseph had 23 hits: 20 singles and three doubles. But two of those doubles came with the bases empty and the other one was with a man on first.

He went 2-for-27 with runners on second and/or third (.074), and managed only two singles.

As you might expect, Joseph hit better with the bases empty (15-for-75, .200) than with men on (8-for-57, .140).

He batted 12 times with men on first and second: 1-for-11 (single) with 1 sacrifice
He batted three times with men on first and third: 0-for-3 (including 1 GIDP)
He never batted with men on second and third.
He batted nine times with a man on second: 1-for-9 (single)
He batted twice with a man on third: 0-for-1 with 1 walk
He batted three times with the bases loaded: 0-for-3

Players With 120+ PA And 0 RBI (1901-2016)
                            PA   H      AB   AVG   
Oscar Jones      1904 BRO  150  24-for-137  .175  (pitcher)
Caleb Joseph     2016 BAL  141  23-for-132  .174
Gene Good        1906 BSN  135  18-for-119  .151
Bobby Messenger  1909 CHW  130  19-for-112  .170
Wilbur Wood      1971 CHW  124   5-for- 96  .052  (pitcher)
Mickey Lolich    1972 DET  121   6-for- 89  .067  (pitcher)

Steve Staggs went 19-for-78 for the 1978 Athletics, with 2 doubles and 2 triples, but 0 RBI. (4th all-time among non-pitchers)

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D.Ing said...

OK, he had a tough year; he's still got 125 more lifetime ribbies than anyone who posts here.
And he's tied for the MLB RBI lead in 2020, and that's a stat that should stand up for some time now.