November 14, 2004

Bad News. From Baghdad: "People in Falloojeh are being murdered. The stories coming back are horrifying. People being shot in cold blood in the streets ... the people have nothing to eat. No produce is going into the city and the water has been cut off for days and days. ... There are corpses in the street because no one can risk leaving their home to bury people. Families are burying children and parents in the gardens of their homes. ... Iraqis will never forgive this -- never. It's outrageous -- it's genocide and America, with the help and support of Allawi, is responsible."

Denial of drinking water is a war crime under Article 14 of the second protocol of the Geneva Conventions. Read here and much more here. ... And from AP photographer Bilal Hussein, who tried to leave Fallujah this week: "I decided to swim [across the Euphrates River] ... but I changed my mind after seeing US helicopters firing on and killing people who tried to cross the river. ... I kept walking along the river for two hours and I could still see some US snipers ready to shoot anyone who might swim. I quit the idea of crossing the river and walked for about five hours through orchards."

From Zogby: "I smell a rat. It has that distinctive and all-too-familiar odor of the species Republicanus floridius. ... In one [Ohio] county where 88% of voters are registered Democrats, Bush got nearly two thirds of the vote ... In 30 [Ohio] precincts, more ballots were cast than voters were registered in the county. ... [N]early 100,000 more people voted than are registered to vote -- this out of a total of 251,946 registrations. These are not marginal differences -- this is a 39% over-vote. In some precincts the over-vote was well over 100%. One precinct with 558 registered voters cast nearly 9,000 ballots. ... Either the raw data from two critical battleground states is completely erroneous, or something has gone horribly awry in our electoral system -- again. ... The facts as I see them now defy all logical explanations save one -- massive and systematic vote fraud. We cannot accept the result of the 2004 presidential election as legitimate until these discrepancies are rigorously and completely explained."

Another report of Election Day trouble in Ohio. ... has launched several fraud audits.

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