November 15, 2004

Three Blogs. Dedicated to the World Series champion Boston Red Sox.

Bullshit Memorial Stadium, which notes that the Giants gave Omar Vizquel a three-year deal. When I saw he had signed, I assumed it was for only one year. An amazing bit of luck for a 38-year-old shortstop going to a non-DH league.

(Not) Just Another Sports Site. His latest entry is on Varitek and his contract request.

Keys To The Game, Jose Melendez's GREAT fount of wisdom. I was sure Jose's site was on my list of links, but it wasn't. Sorry, Jose. ... Also, Jose is publishing a book of his 2004 Keys, which you should absolutely buy. It will be a unique addition to your pile of 2004 World Champions memorabilia.

... Because you know the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, right? That makes the Boston Red Sox the 2004 World Champions of baseball. ... And in the process of becoming World Champs, the Boston Red Sox rallied against the New York Yankees, making the Yankees the only team in baseball history to lose a best-of-7 series when leading by 3 games.

I'll never get tired of writing stuff like that.

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