November 5, 2004

More Election Bullshit. "Citing concerns about potential terrorism, Warren County [Ohio] officials locked down the county administration building on election night and blocked anyone from observing the vote count as the nation awaited Ohio's returns. ... The Warren results, delayed for hours because of long lines that extended voting past the scheduled close of polls, were part of the last tallies that helped clinch President Bush's re-election. ... Commissioners made the security decisions in a closed-door meeting last week, but didn't publicize the restrictions that were made until after polls closed. ... Having reporters and photographers around could have interfered with the count, [County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel] said."

In Florida: At DU, batchdem04 posts links to two files and notes that in Palm Beach county "542,835 votes for president were casted, but only 452,061 voters turned out." .... Turns out that happened in a lot of Florida counties, actually (see 1st link). ... See also this chart.

Nothing to see here. Just more "isolated incidents." Keep moving.

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