November 6, 2004

Big In Japan. I got the moon I got the cheese / I got the whole damn nation on their knees.

Ortiz "drilled a lead off homer in the bottom of the fourth about as far one can hit a ball in the Tokyo Dome. It caromed off a strip of lights that separates a cinder block wall from the Teflon roof high above the right field bleachers. Estimated distance: 514 feet. 'I thought for a second it would land in the Dominican, said Ortiz ...

"Ortiz was cheered all evening by two sections of fans among the near capacity crowd of 52,000, who repeatedly chanted 'Let's go Red Sox' every time the lefty-swinger came up to hit. 'I felt like he hit the ball almost twice the length of the stadium,' [starter Shunsuke] Watanabe said about the Ortiz homer. 'Since the count was 3-and-0, I knew I could not walk him. So I threw a fastball knowing he might hit it. I saw one of the greatest home runs in the world.'"

I got the rooster I got the crow
I got the ebb I got the flow
Heh ho they love the way I do it
Heh ho there's really nothing to it

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