November 5, 2004

Bev Harris. She has done more work than anyone else to expose the problems with electronic voting at BlackBoxVoting.Org. From some recent posts at DU: "Our organization has taken the position that fraud took place in the 2004 election through electronic voting machines. We base this on hard evidence, documents obtained in public records requests, inside information, and other data indicative of manipulation of electronic voting systems. What we do not know is the specific scope of the fraud. We are working now to compile the proof, based not on soft evidence -- red flags, exit polls -- but core documents obtained by Black Box Voting in the most massive Freedom of Information action in history. ...

"Strong indications that both Florida and Ohio would be flipped if election manipulations are rolled back. Some indication that fraud may have occurred in at least 30 states. ... Serious anomalies with central tabulators are showing up, in dozens of Florida counties. The ludicrous flaw of the day is, of course, the Broward central tabulator that counted backwards. ... We do not have to accept a fraudulent election. Drop the idea that it's too late to correct this mess. We have a great country, and it is in our nature to roll up our sleeves and tackle tough challenges. We must not shy away from that now, in this critical time.

"I think the mechanisms were in place to steal at least 20 million votes. Documentation, in the form of internal machine audits and copies of polling place tapes, along with other kinds of data like documents that the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters by very significant amounts, along with documentation that indicates remote access security features were disabled for the specific systems that counted around 40 million votes (number is mushy as we are pulling in the docs showing who used modems and who pulled the plug on them) -- well, this documentation is proof ... of something.

"Unless we are hacked out again, we will begin releasing documents this evening. It will be drip drip drip, not a knockout punch. Very small drips, not because we are trying to stall, but because many of the problem documents beget FOIAs for additional, related documents to rule out the bullshit excuses. In many cases we need to avoid calling attention to what we are looking at until we close the exit doors entirely. But you can expect interesting reading ..."

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