November 14, 2004

The Week That Was. I promise to be better about getting Sox news up here.

Curt Schilling's surgery went well. His ankle and foot will be immobilized for about a month and he will need six weeks of rehabilitation.

Theo Epstein on Wednesday: "We have so many question marks, we have to remain flexible, add value where we can and get a big bang for our buck. We have solid players already and we can build off of that foundation. It's one of those years where there's so much in the air, we have to be open-minded. We're trying to cast a wide net, but out of respect for our own guys, we haven't got too specific with other free agents. But that time will come."

Jason Varitek wants a 5-year, $50 million deal with a no-trade clause. The Red Sox will not go for that, in part because they do not offer no-trades. Agent Scott Boras cited past examples of no-trade clauses okayed by John Henry, Larry Lucchino and Tom Werner when they were with other clubs, but the Sox say Boras isn't entirely accurate. ... In the meantime, Boston has asked about Washington-Montreal catcher Brian Schneider.

Pedro Martinez must know that the deal the Red Sox offered him -- two-year, $25.5 million, with $2 million in incentives and a $13 million option for 2007 -- is very fair. Now Friday -- the first day of the 2005 season -- has come and gone and Martinez can now discuss money with other teams. ... In interviews with Hoy and El Nacional, Pedro said his shoulder has fully healed and that he expects to throw in the mid-90s on a regular basis next year. He also said eight teams have expressed an interest in him, including the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers, Cardinals and Marlins. ... Many around baseball think Pedro will remain in Boston.

In the unlikely event that Pedro went to the Bronx, that would be cool with Dumbo Posada: "I have nothing against Pedro - if he's my teammate. The guy's a winner; he knows how to pitch. He does everything possible to win and keep himself in shape. We'd talk it out. I would catch him."

The Red Sox are interested in Carl Pavano, Brad Radke and Jaret Wright. Florida has apparently put a 3/21 offer on the table for Pavano. Schilling -- who opposed Pavano in his major league debut on May 23, 1998 -- would love to have the Marlin free agent in Boston's rotation.

Boston is also one of a few teams interested in either of Oakland's Barry Zito and Mark Mulder. ... Troy Glaus is also in the Sox's sights. Glaus could play third base (with Mueller either moved at 2B or traded) or first (which would mean ditching both Millar and Mientkiewicz). ... LHP Billy Traber was claimed off waivers from Cleveland. ... Derek Lowe could return to Boston with a one-year arbitration deal, but the Phillies are also interested.

All hail David Ortiz -- "cleanup hitter of the world."

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