November 5, 2004

Oki-no-Chichi. David Ortiz's two-run single in the sixth inning erased a 2-0 deficit and led an MLB All-Star team to a 7-2 win over a team of Japanese stars before 24,500 in the Tokyo Dome. After the game, Ortiz was given a check for 300,000 yen -- roughly $2,900 -- as the game's "Most Important Player." Ortiz: "I get tired when I wake up, but when I'm in the lineup I'm ready to go. Sure, he [pitcher Koji Uehara] had good stuff. But you know how we do it." [More on the trip.]

Fifteen Red Sox have filed for free agency this month: Pedro, Lowe, Varitek, Cabrera, Mirabelli, Leskanic, Mendoza, Williamson, Myers, McCarty, Reese, Kapler, Adams, Astacio and Burks. [Globe] ... The Red Sox have exclusive negotiating rights with Martinez until November 11 (though other teams can speak with Pedro). Fernando Cuza (Pedro's agent): "There definitely was substantial interest [from other teams]. For being so early in the process, I am surprised. Usually it doesn't heat up until teams are able to exchange money figures."

Curt Schilling says he will have surgery on his right ankle next Monday. ... Nomar is allegedly open to a change of positions (second or third), possibly in New York. ... Theo: "As an organization, we started thinking about 2005 in 2002. That's the way it works. In spring training this year, we were thinking about '05. During the year, we were thinking about '05. You don't wait until the day you stop playing to figure out a plan for the offseason." [Herald]

Millar on WhiskeyGate: "The beginning of the game, like I said, we did a symbolic salute like anyone would do on Christmas, at a wedding, or bar mitzvah. Then after the game, I'm not going to say no one drank Jack Daniels. But this was unfortunate for the city ... we're champions and people are still talking about a silly thing like guys were getting drunk. Baseball's hard enough to play sober. No one was out there playing drunk."

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