May 1, 2005

G23: Red Sox 9, Rangers 2

He may be unassuming and not so overpowering, but Bronson Arroyo keeps winning games for the Red Sox.

Boston has won 13 of Arroyo's last 14 regular-season starts, dating back to August 15, 2004, so is he the club's new stopper? "Don't ever call me that. Until I win 20 games, don't call me that."

Last night, Arroyo pitched seven innings, allowing only five hits, one walk and two runs. Mike Timlin needed seven pitches to retire the Rangers in the eighth and Keith Foulke needed ten in the ninth, striking out two of the three batters he faced. The Rangers' 5-6-7-8-9 hitters had just one walk in 17 plate appearances.

And the bats returned: Johnny Damon had three hits, including his first home run, and four RBI; Trot Nixon also hit a home run (back-to-back with Damon); Manny Ramirez reached base three times (and made a very nice catch at the wall in the ninth); Kevin Youkilis returned to the lineup by going 3-for-4 with two RBI; and Bill Mueller (playing second base) singled, walked four times and scored three runs.

Not much more to say about this one -- I saw only the last four innings -- but the way the Sox began the eighth was something I hope we see more of in May:
Player rep Damon supports Bud Selig's proposal for a 50-game suspension for a first positive steroid test, 100 games for a second and banned from the game for a third. "Fifty games, you better wise up because 50 games without pay, you're losing a year if you're a free agent. You're really going to be in trouble. That's a very strong indication how we do want steroids out of this game."

ProJo says infielder Alejandro Machado is on his way from Pawtucket to Texas. In 19 games, he hit .310 and made no errors at second. ... John Halama will start on Tuesday, not tomorrow -- because he pitched in relief on Friday. Jeremi Gonzalez is still expected to be summoned for Monday night's game, but there has been no announcement yet.

Yesterday's Yankees starter, Chien-Ming Wang, is only the third major-leaguer from Taiwan and the first to play in the American League. Outfielder Chin-Feng Chen (who saw limited action for the 2002-04 Dodgers) and Colorado pitcher Chin-hui Tsao are the other two. Wang pitched seven innings, holding the Jays to six singles and two runs.

End of April East standings:
Baltimore 16 7 -
Boston 12 11 4
Toronto 13 12 4
New York 10 14 6½
Tampa Bay 8 16 8½
Matt Clement / Ryan Drese at 2:00.

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