April 27, 2006

G20-21-22: Red Sox at Cleveland

0427, 6 PM - Was hoping to find a bar with the Sox game on ESPN, but it turns out we have to get up at about 4:45 tomorrow/Friday morning to take a four-hour train from Cuzco to Machu Picchu. So it´ll be an early night.

0426, 7 PM: We are in Cuzco tonight and Thursday. Maybe we´ll find a bar with ESPN for tomorrow nights game.

Nice to see Manny come through last night, after Schilling was left in for the seventh. I was following along for the 7th via Gameday and it seemed like a mistake even before the game-tying hits. 133 pitches -- WTF? ... Tonight: Go Timmy!

0425, 9:30 AM - We have landed safely in Peru. I thought the country was in the eastern time zone, but apparently it is one hour west/earlier. And you know what time that is, right?

Tuesday: Red Sox 8,Cleveland 6
Wednesday: Cleveland 7, Red Sox 1
Thursday: Cleveland 15, Red Sox 3
          IP  H  R ER BB  K  PIT
0403 @TEX 7 5 2 2 1 5 117
0408 @BAL 7 3 1 1 2 4 114
0414 SEA 8 3 1 1 0 7 104
0419 TB 6 6 1 1 1 7 108

28 17 5 5 4 23 443 1.61
Keep it going.


Devine said...

4 walks, and 23 K's. Wow. I guess he's feeling okay.

Peter N said...

Clemens to Yanks just about a done deal. That's what I heard on the Sox Htfd. radio station. Details at my blog, linked here. Cannot believe it, if true.

Jack Marshall said...

One must never forget that Roger is, at his core, an ass-hole. Thus he is drawn to the Yankees like the swallows are drawn to Capistrano. He can't help it.

This is a guy who demanded that the Sox make him the highest paid pitcher in the game after pitching .500 ball for four years, who said he would only leave Boston to be closer to his family in Texas and then signed with Toronto; who "retired," accepted expensive gifts and standing ovations, and then unretired by the beginning of the next season. Class act all the way.

What do you expect?

Zenslinger said...

NY Post now saying it's not true, but... Well, there's no guarantee he'll pitch all that well, anyway. Though I'd prefer it be for us than for them, it will be a risk for whoever gets him.

suzy lux said...

i don't like him, but i'd rather he be with us than the yankees.

but obviously the yankees need yet another royal in their hand, cause ya know. only 26 world championships and they haven't won one in 6 years. *steinbrenner panic button tantrum*

anyone else watch the classic game on nesn last night where roger got 20 strike-outs? gd there were alot of empty seats at fenway..

redsock said...

only two sox pitchers to win five games in april? babe ruth in 1917 and pedro martinez in 2000.

and schilling if he gets a win tonight - though he´s trailing after 6 and has thrown 100 pitches. sox have to score in the 7th.

....... and as i type ortiz ties the game with a solo HR!!!!! fucking amazing!!!

Zenslinger said...

I watched some of the game from the bar in the stadium before watching the Giants play the Mets. The Mets are pulling an extreme shift on Bonds, and the Giants did on Delgado.

suzy lux said...

can't blame bard tonight for the inoppurtune passed balls..wake's knuckler wasn't there, he put us in a hole early and, uh, no offense again.

lee took care of ortiz twice, once with the bases loaded (doh). that sucked. but willy mo homered at least :)

;( i hate it when we lose.

hope yr having fun down there, red sock. i'm jealous ;)

Zenslinger said...

Only encouraging number from last night was the 32 team LOB for the Yanks. O, and Mariano Rivera's 4.91 ERA.

Z said...

I thought you guys might be interested in this. I put this page together that pulls the most recent news stories from the best Red Sox media outlets and blogs


Timmy Mac said...

You're in Peru, right? Keep an eye peeled. Broussard's first homer should be landing any time now.

Jack Marshall said...

Terry surprised me: I was thinking that if I was managing I'd put Wily Mo in cneter to get the offense going, and he actually tried it: gutsy, given WMP's misadventures in Fenway. So now Loretta and Youk stop hitting.