April 13, 2006

G9: Blue Jays 8, Red Sox 6

Blue Jays - 060 011 000 - 8 12 1
Red Sox - 100 000 023 - 6 9 0
Ted Lilly. You could take Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Josh Gibson, Willie Mays, Ted Williams, and Barry Bonds, put them in Red Sox uniforms, and Ted Freakin' Lilly would mow them down. Shut them out. Make 'em look like blind Little Leaguers.

The seasons change, but all Boston batters go limp against Lilly (7-6-1-0-10). Once he left the game, the Red Sox suddenly started hitting. They came oh so close -- Ortiz up as the tying run against BJ Ryan in the ninth -- but Tiz skied the first pitch to medium right to end the game.

And on the back of Matt Clement's weak outing (4-8-7-4-1) that nice 6-1 start receeds further into the distance. We're now 6-3 and Toronto and the MFY are both 5-4. Bah.

Previews: Blue Jays / Red Sox.


Christopher said...

Are SoSH Gamethreads closed to lurkers?

redsock said...

I don't think so. I know sometimes when traffic is high -- like on Opening Day or some MFY games -- a dope will shut it to outsiders because the server slows to a crawl.

I just logged out -- and the Game Threads are not visible. I'll ask what the deal is.

Christopher said...

thanks man...

redsock said...

for now, they are closed. sounds like usage/refresh rates were hampering the board's speed, so the decision was made.

it could change later on, i suppose.

not that it helps, but if you can read the main board, you get the good stuff. game threads have good stuff, but are mostly in-the-moment venting/cheering/screaming.

Sean O said...

I don't like Matt Clement. Can we get Gonzo and Clement off this team ASAP?

I'd rather have empty roster spots.

Jack Marshall said...

Did you see Foulke? He looks 95% back to me, and that's more important than one lousy loss.

Prediction: Clement will win more games this season than Garland, Pavano, Wright or Ted Lilly.

Kyle said...

Yeah, Foulke did look good again last nite. But is Tito planning on pitching Timlin, Foulke and Paps EVERY night??

Obviously, the past two nights our starting pitching has killed us. Keep in mind...this kills the bullpen. It will tire out the arms before the All-Star break if our Pen is called upon for 3-4 innings every nite!

Get off Gonzo...the guy will hit.