March 4, 2007

Curt Strong for 3.1, Sox Top Twins

Curt Schilling pitched 3.1 innings Sunday afternoon, allowing one run (a Michael Cuddyer HR) on two hits with a walk and a strikeout. He threw 48 pitches, and worked on his changeup. Francona:
I thought [the changeup] enhanced his other pitches. He threw a couple every once in a while where it looked like he was trying to force the issue.
Jonathan Papelbon:
I just feel I'm better as a starter. The reason why this team drafted me in '04 was to be a starter. I'm going to take this opportunity and run with it.
There were 225 Japanese journalists in attendance when Daisuke Matsuzaka faced Boston College on Friday night. For his next start -- against the Marlins in Jupiter on Tuesday -- 81 Japanese journalists are expected. The US writers for both teams will also have to be accommodated. The Marlins' press box holds 24. Dice's 1:00 PM start will be televised live in Japan at 3:00 AM.

A good quote from Yoshihisa Miura of the Jiji Press, couresty of the Herald's Michael Silverman:
Matsuzaka said that the strike zone in America is wider by about [the width of] two balls, on the outside corner. Up and down, the strike zone is a little higher here, too, but inside, it is tighter than Japan.


Bloody P said...

Welcome to American women *cough* AMERICA, Mr. Matsuzaka!

Jere said...

Wow. It took bloody p to make me realize that was the dirtiest article of the year so far.

The article also goes on to quote another Japanese reporter who said the ball was "bigger and slippier." This whole "lost in translation" thing could lead to some classic lines.