March 11, 2007

Sheffield Wanted To Play For Sox

Gary Sheffield's first choice of where to play in 2007 was Boston. But rather than let him go as a free agent, the Yankees picked up his option and traded him to Detroit. Sheffield then signed a 2/28 contract extension.
[Boston] was where I wanted to go. I know most of the guys over there. I played with [Terry Francona] in Milwaukee and I thought it was the kind of atmosphere I could thrive in. ... It was something I really wanted. I thought it was the perfect situation for me and the perfect park for me.
I am glad this did not happen. Sheffield's skills are on the wane:
           OBP   SLG  OPS+
2003 ATL .419 .604 167
2004 NYY .393 .534 143
2005 NYY .379 .512 132
2006 NYY .355 .450 112
And he's 38 years old. And although I do not know the man personally, from all I see and read, he's an obnoxious jerk.

Craig Hansen made his spring debut on Friday, pitching one inning and allowing three doubles, one walk and two runs. His next outing will be Monday against the Yankees. Hideki Matsui will get a chance to chat with his former Yomiuri Giants teammate, Hideki Okajima.

While the other starters are up to about 60 pitches per start, Jonathan Papelbon will throw roughly 50 pitches in a simulated game on Monday. Could Paplebon throw 200 innings this season? Francona: "I don't want to say no." ... It would be a huge leap. He pitched only 68.1 innings last year.

Mike Timlin may begin the season on the disabled list, which would give the team a better chance to sort out the other arms in the bullpen.

Manny Ramirez has the 3rd highest Red Sox all-time OPS -- 1.026 -- behind only Ted Williams (1.115) and Jimmie Foxx (1.034). ... Outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury could be the first major league player of Navajo descent.

Pupdate: David Ortiz's 2-month-old Yorkshire terrier Mikey is being treated for ringworm.

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