March 31, 2007

Predictions And Projections V

ESPN on the East:

          1st        2nd        3rd
Gammons Bos 92-70 NYY 90-72 Tor 88-74
Stark Bos 96-66 NYY 91-71 Tor 85-77
Crasnick Bos 94-68 NYY 91-71 Tor 84-78
Olney Bos 93-69 NYY 89-73 Tor 84-78
Neyer NYY 94-68 Bos 91-71 Tor 83-79
Kurkjian NYY 94-68 Bos 92-70 Tor 89-73
Phillips NYY 96-66 Tor 88-74 Bos 82-80
Law NYY 94-68 Bos 93-69 Tor 87-75
Caple NYY 95-67 Bos 90-72 Tor 81-81
Karabell NYY 92-70 Bos 90-72 Tor 83-79
SoSHer thisyearisthe: "If Steve Phillips has the Sox at 82-80, that tells me to clear the calendar for October."

Also at ESPN, Dan Patrick and Jim Callis picked the Red Sox to win the World Series (Callis had them defeating the Brewers (!)). Also, the LF in ESPN's All-American League team was "Manny Rodriguez". It has since been changed.

At Yahoo, there is a ton of stuff:

Jeff Passan:
Red Sox    98-64   -
Yankees 92-70 6
Blue Jays 83-79 15
Orioles 71-91 27
Devil Rays 70-92 28
Passan: As much as the Braves like to make of their 14 consecutive division championships, the Yankees are at nine and counting in a far tougher AL East. Making it to double digits won't be easy, not with a Boston rotation that features the dynamic Daisuke Matsuzaka as their No. 3 starter. The Red Sox go equally deep in their lineup, and if their bullpen shores up, they're the best team in baseball.

AL/NLDS: Red Sox over Angels; Cleveland over Yankees; Phillies over Cardinals; Dodgers over Mets
ALCS: Red Sox over Cleveland
NLCS: Dodgers over Phillies
World Series: Red Sox over Dodgers

Tim Brown:
Yankees    98-64   -
Red Sox 96-66 2
Blue Jays 85-77 13
Orioles 73-89 25
Devil Rays 70-92 28
Brown: The last time Alex Rodriguez played in a contract year (2000), he hit 41 home runs, drove in 132 runs, batted .316 and finished third in the AL MVP voting. By chance, future teammate Jason Giambi was the AL MVP that season and future former best friend Derek Jeter finished 10th. I'm just saying(*).

AL/NLDS: Tigers over Red Sox; Angels over Yankees; Dodgers over Phillies; Mets over Astros
ALCS: Tigers over Angels
NLCS: Dodgers over Mets
World Series: Tigers over Dodgers

(*) - Yeah, saying absolutely nothing. Not one thought about the 2007 club, but what happened 7 years ago is considered relevant? Why didn't you mention how Troy O'Leary (2000 LF) will impact Boston's chances this summer?

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