March 2, 2007

Matsuzaka v Boston College has audio only -- and I'm at work. If you watched or listened to his outing this evening, and felt like leaving your observations, that would be great.

Update: I was able to tune into the radio. (WEEI: Matsuzaka signs autographs "D-Mat" (in English).)

BC 1st: Ayers doubled. Hutchinson (?) out. McGuire (?) struck out. Frates struck out.

BC 2nd: Ayers (?) 4-3. Schomaker (fcb) struck out looking (B1 hit more of the strike zone than S3). Ruiz (sc) popped out to second.

Red Sox 2nd: Jeff Bailey homered. David Murphy singled and (two outs later) scored on Jacoby Ellsbury's triple.

BC 3rd: Kyle Jackson pitching for the Sox.

Gordon Edes, Globe:

Johnny Ayers, BC's punter and RF, jumped on Daisuke Matsuzaka's first pitch and hammered an opposite-field double into the LF corner. Ryan Hutchinson tapped out in front of the plate, Ayers taking third. Jared McGuire was called out on strikes, and Peter Frates went down swinging. Dice-K threw 11 pitches, 10 for strikes.

Throwing a lot of breaking balls, Dice-K retired Joe Ayers on a roller to second, punched out Jeff Schomaker on a 1-and-2 fastball up in the zone, and retired Jett Ruiz on a pop to Dustin Pedroia in shallow right. The tally: 25 pitches, 19 K's

Dice's outing was televised live in Japan:
6:00 PM in Florida = 8:00 AM Saturday in Tokyo

From SoSH:

Nothing over 92. Showed perfect fastball control but not much movement. Used both sides of the plate with the fb.
Threw two breaking balls, looked like a curve first then a slider. 80 and 82 mph. Remy thought both were sliders. One change, but it was a big drop on the change (at about 78 mph)
[This is commenting on his first inning - JoS]

Dice K vs...Joe Ayers
curve 74...nasty, strike called
curve 80...outside, strike swinging
curve, 82, in the dirt, ball 1
fastball, 89, low outside, ball 2
fastball, 92, looked like got low outside corner, called ball 3
fastball, 93, middle of plate...grounded out to 2B

Dice K vs... Schomacher (who is Pedroia-sized), number 6 for BC
fastball, 92, inside, jammed hitter...fouled out of play by 1B
fastball, 92, middle but tailed inside, called strike 2
fastball 92, high somewhat inside, ball 1
fastball, 92, high outside corner. If that. Called strike three

Dice K vs.... Jett Ruiz
curve, 78, down middle and totally unhittable, strike swinging
fastball, 92, inside, fouled out of play 1B side, strike two
curve, 83, outside and in the dirt, ball 1
slider, 82, inside, popped out to Pedroia in short right field

25 pitches, 19 strikes. And four of those six balls were after he was up 0-2 in the count.
I tried to watch his pitches that inning. Curveballs at 80-81. All his fastballs at 92, except for one at 93 (that's consistent). Offspeed at 78-83. Pounding the strike zone.


s1c said...

Hmm, 25 pitches 2 innings, not bad but I think he showed signs of being a nibbler which will not help his pitch counts. Still its a freaking spring training game vs college kids, just one step in the process of determining whether he will be the #3 or the # 4 starter.

9casey said...

Jacoby Crisp now
this Kid is going to be something.

He might be the sox most complete player from draft day since .......Wow I stumped myself...

Speed , defense , can hit 300, gets on base , steals bases....

He is Johnny Damon with an arm.

Jere said...

Shaughnessy's kid played in this game. Tavarez struck him out.

DanM said...

Here is Papi and Mikey! Enjoy . . .