March 3, 2007

Rob Bradford

Rob Bradford's blog is a great source of essential camp information. (Sometimes, after getting an emailed question from a reader, Bradford will go off in search of the answer and report back.)

For example, check out this bit from Thursday:
I stopped [pitching coach John Farrell] as the clubhouse was emptying and we discussed some of the intricacies of his pitchers' execution.

For instance, when you watch Daisuke Matsuzka tomorrow look at his front hip and shoulders. If they are opening up too quickly it isn't good for his command, and gives the hitter a longer window to see his release (which, as Farrell points out, still isn't long at all). And then there is J.C. Romero, who has undergone a slight adjustment in how he raises his leg in his delivery. Before his right knee would be opening up (pointing almost toward the hitter), while now it is more closed. It has made a big difference in his command thus far.
In the same post, he also offered insight on the work of Joel Pineiro and Brendan Donnelly.

This is the kind of stuff we want to read.

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