March 29, 2007

Predictions And Projections II

The Sporting News

East: New York, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa Bay.

Other division winners: Twins, Angels, Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers.

TSN's AL "Power Poll" Top 5: Twins, Tigers, Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox (Toronto is #9). In the MLB "Power Poll", the Top 10: Twins, Tigers, Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Red Sox, Cardinals, White Sox, Angels, Dodgers.'s Ian Browne writes the Sox preview, offering a pretty basic rundown of the regulars and starters. This bit sounded a little MUMSy: "the somewhat unfocused Ramirez always has been an adventure in left ... Ramirez can be very moody and doesn't show up every day, especially on defense".

And then there's this: "Drew is a classic underachiever ... finds reasons to stay out of the lineup." MUDS, anyone?

Grades (on a 1-10 scale?) of Red Sox and Yankees:
Lugo      7.5     Damon    8.9
Youkilis 7.3 Jeter 9.5
Ortiz 9.8 Abreu 9.0
Ramirez 9.3 Slappy 9.4
Drew 8.5 Giambi 8.8
Lowell 7.8 Matsui 8.8
Crisp 7.8 Cano 9.1
Varitek 8.4 Posada 8.0
Pedroia 6.9 Phillips 6.3

Schilling 9.0 Wang 9.3
Beckett 8.8 Pettitte 8.0
Matsuzaka 8.6 Mussina 8.6
Papelbon 9.2 Igawa 6.5
Wakefield 8.0 Pavano 6.9
Pineiro 7.0 Rivera 9.5
TSN's 7 contributors pick:

AL MVP: Ortiz 2, Mauer 2, Slappy 2, Hafner.

NL MVP: Pujols 5, David Wright, Jose Reyes.

AL Cy: Santana 6, Ervin Santana 1.

NL Cy: Oswalt 2, Carpenter 2, Chris Young 1, Carlos Zambrano 1.

WS: Angels 2, Mets 2, Tigers, Dodgers, Yankees.


Danie said...

Wait, they're giving Youk a 7.3 and Slappy a 9.4, sheesh, seriously??

redsock said...

I'm actually fine with that, but what's up with rating Tek above Posada? I'm not sure I would do that for 2007.

Having some ratings and not telling you what they include or the hell they mean isn't a whole lot of help.