April 26, 2007

AOL: It Was a Blog That Broke Sockgate

Matt Watson at AOL Sportsblog:
You've read about it all day, but there it is: Gary Thorne's confident revelation that Curt Schilling used paint on his sock. (Big ups to A Red Sox Fan in Pinstripes Territory for the video.) ...

While the debate surrounding this issue will rightly center around Thorne's comments, I think it's also worthwhile to take a moment to point out how his comments snowballed into a national story. Yes, there were probably hundreds of thousands of viewers who heard him, but it was the astute ears of a blogger over at The Joy of Sox who transcribed the comments and brought them to the attention of several reporters ...

Gorden Edes, if you don't recall, took the story and ran with it, writing the definitive introduction to the controversy that the rest of the mainstream media has built on. But realize, it was a blogger who broke this.

The season isn't even a month old and bloggers have been responsible for raising the question of what's on Francisco Rodriguez's cap, alerting us to an arcane rule prohibiting Torii Hunter's gift of Dom Perignon to the Royals and now making Thorne public enemy No. 1 in the city of Boston. The old guard best tread lightly, because the bloggers are watching.
At 5 PM Thursday, it was the top story at Yahoo!:


Kristin said...

I was just watching SportsCenter and I it was one of their top stories too. It's so funny to think that you started the whole frenzy. Congrats!

s1c said...

It still is getting play as Baseball tonight has also mentioned it. Does some one at ESPN have a grudge against Thorne?

Got to watch the steely eyed and ears of the blogosphere. Good job and glad to see you getting some props.

laura k said...

Does some one at ESPN have a grudge against Thorne?

Could be. He used to work there.

Nice wrap-up from AOL! Score one for the citizen journalists.

allan said...

Edes this morning:

"Allan Wood, a Red Sox fan who lives in Ontario and has his own blog (Joy of Sox), was watching the Orioles' feed Tuesday night, and e-mailed a Globe reporter with Thorne's comments."


Jim said...

Finally, some acknowledgement--congrats!

Schill also calls out Thorne and his ilk pretty good.

The worst TV camera shot is the one that shows the stooges in the booth. I can ignore all the personal bullshit as long these people present the facts. A baseball fan wants to see the product on the field, warts and all. I don't know why these guys go to such great lengths to blot it out.

Sean O said...

Yeah, but you weren't even close on the Cheap 'n Easy Chicken Crock Pot scoop, so let's not get too excited here.

Pokerwolf said...

Well done, Alan!

Keep up the great work!

allan said...

Art Martone (whose blog you should have bookmarked):

This story's explosion yesterday actually was a very interesting lesson in modern communications, but there's no way I could adequately analyze it in the time and space I have here. The mystery, to me, was how Gordon Edes could have been aware of Thorne's comments -- generally, the sound of the TV broadcasts is muted in the press box, and if it wasn't, Edes wouldn't have been the only reporter to hear it -- but come to find out it was old friend Allan Wood who heard it first and sent the word out to Edes and several other sports writers. A global village, indeed.


With the internet and bloggers, someone is always listening!

P.S. What the hell is the "Cheap 'n Easy Chicken Crock Pot"?

laura k said...

P.S. What the hell is the "Cheap 'n Easy Chicken Crock Pot"?

I thought it was just me.