April 12, 2007

G9: Mariners at Red Sox, PPD

Today's game has been rained out and rescheduled for Thursday night, May 3.


Jarrod Washburn / Tim Wakefield, 4 PM

Red Sox lineup and stats against Washburn:
Lugo, SS 23 .500 .500
Crisp, CF 22 .545 .952
Ortiz, DH 21 .409 .438
Ramirez, LF 31 .531 .545
Youkilis, 1B 9 .556 .571
Lowell, 3B 0-for-12
Pena, RF 0-for- 2
Mirabelli, C 1-for 3
Pedroia, 2B
The weather forecast for Boston today is horrible:
Periods of rain and snow, becoming all rain after noon. The rain could be heavy at times. High near 41. East wind between 13 and 20 mph, with gusts as high as 37 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.
The Herald says the projected wind chill is 29 degrees.

Wily Mo Pena is expected to start in right field. The plan is to give Drew a day off every 10 days or so.


Sean said...

Hey, so, if anyone has a burning desire to go to today's game (and who wouldn't?) I have 2 tix i'm looking to sell in GS31. I thought the game was at 7, but i'm an idiot and didn't notice it's at 4, thus conflicting with work.

I work right around the Fleet Center, so it should be really convenient if anyone's interested. Lemme know at eyerishman34 at yahoo dot com if you're interested.

TrailBlazer said...

So does anyone think the game will go on tonight?

Jason said...

I'm working in Waltham and we haven't seen any snow yet, and the skies haven't looked particularly threatening.

Jere said...

"I'm working in Waltham"

What else would you do in Waltham? Hey-o.

So, uh, they say they'll wait as long as they can to get this game in. I'm fairly close to Fenway, and it was sleeting earlier. Right now there sems to be a lull. But cold and windy! So I'm off to the park to to the "Fen-wait." Oy.

Sean said...

don't tell me that. I want them to cancel it ASAP.


Look what's about to hit Boston. It's in 30s and it feels like the twenties, and the rain is getting harder.

Cancel the game, boys, cancel the game.

Sean said...

Delay. This day is going to suck. Losing money, horrifically bad day at work, and now I get to sit out in the rain for 3 hours.

Not cool.

Sean said...


"Game postponed
By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff

Today's scheduled Red Sox-Mariners game has been postponed due to the nasty weather in the area. No word yet on when it will be made up. "

WOOHOO! Instead of losing $45-90, and waiting in the rain, I get to see a beautiful game in the sun. Hallelujiah.