April 25, 2007

Overbay: "I Don't Play Dirty"

Alex Cora was pissed off at Lyle Overbay's hands-up slide (Cora called it a "tackle") in a game in Toronto last week.

Cora said:
That's something I really don't like about the game ... He couldn't even reach the bag. It was double play anyway, I thought [by rule]. I don't mind if you go in hard, but [you have to be able to] touch the bag.

(Thanks to SG for the picture.) Last night, Overbay was finally asked about it:
I thought he was mad because I went out of the baseline, but I've got to take him out because that's the go-ahead run if he's safe at first. ... I'll do it again. ... I don't play dirty. ... He jumped up and I was going to get hit by his leg in the face, so I put 'em up ... I didn't do what Miguel Cairo did [Sunday] by trying to sweep [Julio Lugo's] legs. Nobody said anything about that.
And here's Cairo's slide, thanks to commenter phrenile:


Cormac said...

I was disgusted Cairo got away with his slide in particular. He clearly went out of his way to attempt to stop Cora from making the play, flailing his hands in the air like a dying fish. Very poor miss by the umps.

Andrew said...


Pokerwolf said...

If Overbay doesn't play dirty, then Slappy was trying to give Arroyo a high-five.

mattymatty said...

Good comment, thanks Andrew.

By the way, I've heard Cairo interviewd a few times, and he sounds like a dick. I haven't met the guy, but I was definitely left with that impression.

L-girl said...

I think Andrew has the right idea. Trying to take out the 2nd basemen to break up a DP is part of the game. What, Red Sox players never do it? And you'd mind if they did it against Yankees?

Climb down off your high horses and enjoy the game.

redsock said...

Trying to take out the 2nd basemen to break up a DP is part of the game.

There are rules as to how far away from the bag a runner can go, you know.

s1c said...

Overbay's slide you could call as being out of the path and as not legal, the rule I believe is that the player must be able to touch the bag. That's why it would be close call, Cairo's is obviously legal as his legs are touching the bag.

Personally, I kind of miss the old rolling take outs like Hal MaCrae used to do.

L-girl said...

I understand. My point is really that most fans have a double standard. They're very concerned about rules and legalities when something goes against them, but when a rule is broken in their favour, they're pretty quiet. Or worse, they say the other fans' teams are whining! (When they do the same thing.)

In my experience, Red Sox fans are pretty bad this way, maybe from all those many years of bitterness and frustration. I'd like to see people just go with it.

Pokerwolf said...

I'd like to see people just go with it.

Agreed. Unfortunately, Overbay isn't even aiming for second base when he's sliding. Cairo's slide is at least on the bag. The big reason I'm upset about Overbay's slide is there was a decent chance that Cora could have gotten hurt (imagine having someone sliding into your knees! OW!) Cairo's play isn't as bad because it's just his arms and hands (meaning there's little to no weight behind his slide into Cora).