April 15, 2008

G15: Red Sox 5, Spiders 3

Red Sox   - 000 010 202 - 5 13  1
Cleveland - 000 020 100 - 3 8 1
Once again, the Red Sox get some 10 o'clock lightning and come from behind to win.

The big hit in the seventh was a two-run single from Lowrie, who also drove in a run with a fielder's choice in the fifth. With one out in the ninth, Jason Varitek (pinch-hitting for Kevin Cash) hit an opposite field home run to snap a 3-3 tie. Crisp singled to left and Pedroia doubled to right-center. After Ortiz popped to second and Manny was walked intentionally, Youkilis stroked a single to left. Ococ scored, but Pedroia was tagged out trying to score (and missing the plate).

Jeemer nailed it down, striking out Hafner and Martinez on four pitches each, and getting Peralta to foul out to Ellsbury in right. Jacoby made a nifty catch, half-leaping into the stands and robbing a fan of the ball!

Lugo was 3-for-4, Pedroia was 3-for-5, Yook was 2-for-4 with a walk, Ellsbury singled and walked twice. Manny was 0-for-3 with a BBI and HBP.

Ortiz's 5 PAs: GIDP453, single to RF, F7, F8, P4.

Toronto whipped Baltimore 11-3 (and New York held on to beat Tampa 5-3), so we are now in first place!
Red Sox    9   6   --
Blue Jays 8 6 .5
Orioles 8 6 .5
Yankees 8 7 1
Rays 6 8 2.5

Tim Wakefield (3.27, 133 ERA+) / Paul Byrd (11.05, 38 ERA+)

Jed Lowrie makes his major league debut tonight at third base.

Coco Crisp, David Ortiz and DeMarlo Hale will all wear #42 in recognition of Jackie Robinson, who made his debut 61 years ago today. Crisp: "Also, Larry Doby, you can't forget about him. He was the first in the American League."


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ish said...

LBJ says eff you jeter!!! with the catch in the seats

Yep. He can rob a fan of a souvenir without breaking his face in the process.

ish said...

Lowrie might end up being Amy's boy.

Jere said...

I hope he doesn't say eff you to Pokey Reese who made just as difficult a catch in the sme game as the shitty Jeter fake-ass three step and dive game. (A game which personified the 2004 season--Yanks, gritty, always prevail, Sox, a dead team. Whoops!)

Amy said...

Lots of chat about Tek on the post-game show.

Also, Lowrie. Does this kid stay up here for a while?

Jere, glad to be of assistance.

s1c said...

Last Sox player to get 3 rbi's in his debut?

Amy said...

Ish, I am too much a one man girl--so Tek will be it til he retires (or leaves the team, godforbid). But Lowrie can be my boy in waiting.

9casey said...

2 great wins great clutch hitting, great bullpen work ,and great defense........

s1c said...

I think Lowrie is up here for at least two weeks. Looks like they may have to put Cora on the DL also.

redsock said...

Also, Lowrie. Does this kid stay up here for a while?

Until Dr. D returns.

Einstein will probably stick around. Bring up Jed in September - or for other injuries, if they should happen.

Jere said...

Alone in first place.

Amy said...

Gnight all. Tomorrow in the Bronx.

Zenslinger said...

Sweet game. The Bar full of Sox fans.

Okaji on my fantasy team because in addition to good numbers, he'll get 5-7 saves.

redsock said...

Wrapup written, moderation back on, and so to bed.

L-girl said...

I watched the end of the game without the computer - ready to go to sleep immediately after the final out. (I was exhausted.)

But I found myself seeing the gamethread in my mind anyway.

Tek's HR, yay Amy! LBJ's catch, Allan will say FU Jeter, then cue Jere's comment about poor old Pokey...

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