May 10, 2008

G39: Red Sox 5, Twins 2

Red Sox - 010 000 211 - 5 12  0
Twins - 010 010 000 - 2 7 2
Dice (7-6-2-3-7, 96) settled down after wriggling out of trouble in the second inning and leaving the bases loaded. His three walks all came in the first 1.2 innings. He went to only two 3-ball counts over his last 19 batters. His pitches: 14-22-9 12-17-6 12 - 96.

Boston had a four-dong night and all of the bombs were solo: Youkilis in the 2nd, Crisp and Lowrie back-to-back in the seventh and Lowell in the 8th. All four landed in about the same place beyond the left field wall. Pedroia drove in Lowrie in the ninth for the fifth run. For Lowrie, it was his first major league home run.

It was the bottom of the order that delivered tonight: Lowell (single, walk, HR), Youkilis (double, HR), Varitek (single, double, walk), Lowrie (single, double, HR). Pedroia's two singles were the only hits among the top four hitters in the order.

Okajima threw a perfect eighth and Papelbon looked good in the ninth. It was the 8th time Bot has pitched in the last 12 games/days.

Tampa Bay (20-16) shut out the Angels 2-0 to stay 2.5 GB the Sox.


Daisuke Matsuzaka (2.43, 177 ERA+) / Glen Perkins (2008 debut)

Perkins was in the Twins' pen in 2006 and 2007; he has pitched a total of 34.1 major league innings.
Following a muscle strain near Perkins' left shoulder that limited him to just 48 total innings last season (both in the Minors and the Majors), the Twins had the left-hander begin the year at Triple-A Rochester ... In seven appearances (six starts) for the Red Wings, Perkins was 2-1 with a 2.97 ERA.
Disappointing game last night. Bot had trouble locating his splitter -- and yet Varitek kept calling for it. Walking Gomez -- who to that point had walked only 3 times all season, in 130 plate appearances -- after being ahead 1-2 was inexcusable. Also, not even looking over to keep the runners close and allowing them to steal at will was infuriating.

SoSH has a thread about Bot and his decreased K rate and usage in 2008. He's already equaled last year's number of games of 1+ inning (4).


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L-girl said...

don't panic folks, it's just a hit.

i just remembered the whole system is going down here at 10. so now i REALLY need the game to end RIGHT HERE.

because it's all about me, you know.

L-girl said...


ish said...

THE WATER IS DIRTY. If only a batter late.

phil said...

Much better.


L-girl said...

thank you bot!

good night everyone! see you tomorrow night.

redsock said...


redsock said...

Tampa Bay shuts out LAA 2-0. Stays 2.5 GB.

Andy said...

Like I said before the game, this lineup is erotic.

Andy said...

Oh and best record in baseball.

Andy said...

Manny is 2000 K's away from the all time record.

9casey said...

redsock said...
Tampa Bay shuts out LAA 2-0. Stays 2.5 GB.

Back to Back nights...thats impressive....5 shoutouts this year.....

Sarah Gates said...

Allan, I know this is hours late, but thanks so much for the running summaries. It made my dreadful dance show bearable!

Jack Marshall said...

From what I've seen in the first 25% of the season, I will not be surprised if the Rays finish second in the East They have better starting pitching than the Yankees, and are younger and more enthusiastic. Their offense is far better than the poor Jays, especially now with Wells out.

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