May 11, 2008

Pitching News

Jonathan Papelbon worked on his lower body mechanics on Saturday with John Farrell:
... keeping my lower body over the rubber and getting my arm out in order to deliver the pitch. Staying behind the baseball and not cutting myself off and cutting off velocity and life and everything else. ... I was trying to throw splits and fastballs that were better than what I've been doing. Well, I just need to really stick with what I've been doing. It works.
Steven Krasner noted that before last night, Bot had struck out only one of his last 25 batters, after fanning 16 batters in his first eight innings. Papelbon struck out two Twins last night.

Bartolo Colon pitched three innings for Pawtucket last night, allowing four singles and one run, with two strikeouts and no walks. He threw 49 pitches, 36 for strikes. Alex Cora: "He's going to help us win another World Series." ... Colon should make his next AAA start on Thursday at Buffalo.

Curt Schilling threw from 60 feet for the third time in five days.

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redsock said...

A SoSHer lurker was at Saturday night's game:
"I was at the game tonight sitting 8 rows back right where the Sox pitchers were warming up. Anyway Papelbon threw a ton of pitches to warm up tonight. He started warming up in the bottom of the 8th and warmed up very hard throughout the entire (long) top of the 9th. He was visibly frustrated during the initial part of the warmup. It looked like he was trying to throw the split a lot and kept missing far outside to the left handed batters side(definitely overthrowing). He also seemed to be hanging a few. I was pretty surprised at how many pitches he threw, but it definitely seemed to help. He started to get the split over and you could see his mood change and the bullpen coach got a big smile on his face too when it seemed to click again."