May 29, 2008

Something Else #10: Minutemen

I've blogged about singer/guitarist D. Boon before. The Minutemen are one of my favourite bands and Double Nickles on the Dime, their 45-song double-album from 1984, is permanently in my Desert Island Top 5.

I downloaded three (!) new Minutemen shows yesterday, so this Musical Off-Day will feature the eclectic San Pedro, California, trio.

I'm including one of the previously uncirculated shows here -- from The Channel in Boston on April 21, 1985. (I saw them the previous night in Providence, Rhode Island, having driven down from northern Vermont). The real gem is a college radio set from November 30, 1985, less than one month before Boon, 27, would be killed in an car accident.

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redsock said...


March 1, 1985
The Stone
San Francisco, CA
01 - King Of The Hill
02 - Retreat
03 - Toadies
04 - The Big Foist
05 - Corona
06 - Take Our Test
07 - Hey Lawdy Mama
08 - Mr. Robot's Holy Orders
09 - Don't Look Now
10 - Ack Ack Ack
11 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
12 - Beacon Sighted Through Fog
13 - The Only Minority
14 - Badges
15 - The Cheerleaders
16 - Green River
17 - This Ain't No Picnic
18 - History Lesson (Part 2)
19 - Little Man With A Gun In His Hand
20 - Tour Spiel
21 - It's Alright
22 - Lost On The Freeway Again

April 21, 1985 (parts 1 and 2)
The Channel
Boston, MA
01 - >intro<
02 - Anxious Mofo
03 - Toadies
04 - The Big Foist
05 - Retreat
06 - Corona
07 - Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth
08 - King Of The Hill
09 - Fake Contest
10 - Tin Roof
11 - Beacon Sighted Through Fog
12 - The Only Minority
13 - There Ain't Shit On TV Tonight
14 - No Exchange
15 - Nothing Indeed
16 - Hey Lawdy Mama
17 - Badges
18 - Untitled Song For Latin America
19 - Jesus & Tequila
20 - >stickers< \ I Felt Like A Gringo
21 - Cheerleaders
22 - The Product
23 - Dream Told By Moto
24 - The Glory Of Man
25 - >improve jam<
26 - It's Expected I'm Gone
27 - Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing
28 - Take Our Test
29 - The Anchor
30 - Cut
31 - Tour Spiel
32 - Ack Ack Ack
33 - Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love
34 - This Ain't No Picnic
35 - History Lesson Pt II
36 - Little Man With A Gun In His Hand
37 - Green River
38 - The Red & The Black
39 - No! No! No! To Draft and War
40 - Mr. Robot's Holy Orders
41 - Don't Look Now
42 - Substitute

November 30, 1985 (parts 1 and 2
WREK 91.1 FM
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
01 - Warm Up Paranoia
02 - Anxious Mo-Fo
03 - Toadies
04 - The Big Foist
05 - Retreat
06 - Corona
07 - Courage
08 - Fake Contest
09 - Beacon Sighted Through Fog
10 - The Only Minority
11 - Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth?
12 - King Of The Hill
13 - Hey Lawdy Mama
14 - The Cheerleaders
15 - Political Nightmare
16 - What Is It?
17 - Stories
18 - Hey Good Lookin'
19 - Bermuda
20 - One Reporter's Opinion
21 - Dream Told By Moto
22 - Badges
23 - I Felt Like A Gringo
24 - Jesus & Tequila
25 - No One
26 - The Big Stick
27 - Love Dance
28 - Lost
29 - The Anchor
30 - It's Expected I'm Gone
31 - Spillage
32 - Mr. Robot's Holy Orders
33 - Don't Look Now
34 - God Bows To Math
35 - Please Don't Be Gentle With Me
36 - The Glory Of Man

redsock said...

Since these are MP3 recordings, they are for personal use only -- do not trade them. Trade only flac or shn files.

Also, back in April 1985, I taped the Providence gig on a cheap hand-held recorder that I used in my sportswriting days. The sound quality is not as good as these shows, but with any luck, it will soon see the light of day.

Jake of All Trades said...

I'm loving these "Something Else..." posts on off days. You have excellent taste in music.

redsock said...

More than a year ago, I submitted a proposal for a book about Double Nickles for the 33.3 series when they asked for submissions. They picked the album, but another guy also submitted a pitch for the album -- and he got the contract.

Nevertheless, I recommend the book (and the series) highly.

ish said...

Holy crap. Didn't notice this until now, but Chipper Jones, on May 29th, is batting .420

.420! Jayson Stark thinks he just might be able to have a full .400+ season. It's possible. Story to watch.

SoSock said...

You young people and your wild hippie music :)

Is Chipper batting 420 or celebrating 420 :)

L-girl said...

And if I recall correctly, you've said that D Boon and the Minutemen had a big impact on you politically.

redsock said...'ve said that D Boon and the Minutemen had a big impact on you politically.

Yeah. That's in the post linked at "before".

Jeff in PA said...

Redsock - So, who rounds out your Desert Island Top 5?

redsock said...

So, who rounds out your Desert Island Top 5?

Good (and difficult) question. I think the 5 would not be absolute, but depending on when you asked, there would be different choices.

1. Exile On Main Street
2. Murmur
3. Double Nickles On The Dime

then ...

Get Happy?
London Calling?
If a CD of random songs from a band was allowed, AC-DC would be there.

I remember we talked about this when I posted about Exile in January 2007. Back then I posted these 7:

Exile on Main Street
Double Nickles On The Dime
This Year's Model (or Get Happy)
Blonde On Blonde
London Calling
Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

So it appears that I'm consistent, at least.

redsock said...

FYI -- From that prior thread, it looks like L's is:

Exile on Main Street
Blood on the Tracks
Born To Run
Court And Spark
Armed Forces
Allman Bros at Fillmore East
London Calling
The Band (brown album)
Some Girls

L-girl said...

Hey, thanks for that. I'd have to see these are definitely DID:
Exile on Main Street
Blood on the Tracks
Born To Run
Court And Spark
The Band

and the others will change from time to time. But I'd be glad to have them along.

It would be hard to live without an y Muddy Waters. But I'd need him there, live.

redsock said...

How did I forget Howlin' Wolf?

L-girl said...

That's why the DID game is so limited. It's better to stay home where you have all your music to choose from. Plus the internets.

accudart said...

Funny, I keep about 25 disk in a cd case for work....listen at best every few days. To cycle through them and to change out for fresh stuff is slow. I had read your Minutemen stuff at lunch but didn't think about it, but later in the day I put my only Minutemen CD on...55 on the dime. Didn't think about it until it was playing....reminds me of wishing I'd hit the Minutemen and Mats with you, my loss. Speaking of loss, I miss some of the long lost cassettes I had from you and the RUV days. Glad to see your writing about the bright spots of the 80' wasn't all bad.

redsock said...

reminds me of wishing I'd hit the Minutemen and Mats with you, my loss

Yep. It was Husker Du, though, not the Mats.

Cassettes of what? Just albums we liked or of the shows themselves? I do have some random tapes from some shows.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you guys next Saturday!