June 14, 2009

A Brief Heart Attack

Surfing around, I saw this headline:
Buchholz to have season-ending elbow surgery

I was quite happy to learn that the player in question was actually Colorado reliever Taylor Buchholz.


Rasputin said...

That was very not kind.

redsock said...

Post Yankees Blog, June 12:
Concerned that a fluttering right eye and almost passing out while attempting to catch a fly ball Thursday night might be related to a concussion he suffered five years ago, Johnny Damon Johnny Damon went for tests before the Subway Series opener against the Mets New York Mets at Yankee Stadium.
"I have been blinking a lot and [Thursday] I almost passed out for a second," said Damon, who wasnt in the lineup. "I wanted to make sure five years ago is no longer affecting me. For three years I had lingering affects. I almost didnt know where I was when it happened."
Damon dropped David Ortiz's routine fly to left Thursday night in Fenway and said he was having trouble during the game tracking the ball, which forced him to rely on the center fielder.


redsock said...

That was very not kind.

If I wanted to be a total asshole, I could have made that headline the post title. :>)

But it is noted right away that the panic attack was "brief".

9casey said...

The amazing thing about Damon was , the very night after he was getting a night off and that moron put him in to pinch hit or Swisher.. and he K'd....The guy says he can't see and you set him up like that , nice job joe..

Amy said...

I was more worried about YOUR health when I saw the caption than HH's health. Glad you are both okay.

Ish said...


L-girl said...

That is such a sad story. The dog died after saving the family! Nothing to joke about, IMO.

Just FYI, I know three different people with dogs named Jeter. There must be hundreds of them.

L-girl said...

Allan and I were sitting on the patio with our computers when he saw that headline. The "heart attack" was very intense, but also very brief.

Patrick said...

I saw on a science channel show an episode where they contemplated the Damon collision.

I think they calculated that his head was pulling 8-9Gs when he hit, or something ridiculous like that.

Ish said...

No L, you're right it is a sad story. But you think about it. A heroic act. Dying for your owners. Immense loyalty. Doesn't that sound familar?