June 20, 2009

Dice Pulled From Rotation; Tests Will Include MRI

The Red Sox announced this afternoon that Daisuke Matsuzaka will not make his next scheduled start and will be given several medical tests on his right shoulder, including an MRI.

With an off-day on Monday and John Smoltz making his Sox debut on Thursday, skipping over Dice's spot in the rotation will be easy.

Matsuzaka admitted after last night's four-inning outing:
If I keep going like this, I have no right to be part of this rotation. ... [N]ever before have I faced such a tough time period, but I also believe that it has to end some time, and I have to do what it takes.
Dice met with Terry Francona, John Farrell and other members of the coaching staff Saturday afternoon for what Francona called a "very honest" conversation.
We need to get him looked at physically. He's gonna get looked at by (Red Sox physician) Tom Gill. He's going to get tests done. There's a potential for MRIs. ...

Some of it started with the WBC and not having a consistent base. It looks to me like he's struggling to get the velocity he wants (because of that). But it meant a lot to him, and I understand that.
Michael Silverman, Herald:
After looking at video, Matsuzaka (1-5) said midgame adjustments he thought he was making were "completely different from what I actually thought I was doing, so I was quite disappointed."

The Yankees took a look at Pedro Martinez yesterday in the Dominican Republic and informed the right-handed pitcher they will pass on signing him.

Scout Gordon Blakeley was in Santo Domingo to watch Martinez's fastball clock between 86 and 90 mph on an older gun. The Yankees were joined by representatives from the Rangers, Rays, Angels and Brewers. ...


andy said...

Disaster averted.

Benjamin said...

Disaster averted.

It would've been a sad and sorry spectacle to see Pedro don a MFY cap, but it would be a sad and sorry spectacle to see him throwing 86 mph fastballs at his age in any uniform. The Sox could've used the extra run differential.

L-girl said...

Whew. Collective sigh of relief.

"but it would be a sad and sorry spectacle to see him throwing 86 mph fastballs at his age in any uniform."

So true!